The day Danna Paola suffered a tragic fall at the beauty salon

U.S.A.The day Danna Paola suffered a tragic fall at...

Then the girl went to a barber (Photo: Screenshot / Tiktok)

danna paola She is one of the Mexican actresses who started her career from a very young age, so in 2001 i participate in a telenovela broadcast by televisa where he would explain The role of “Maria Belen”.

With only six years of age, The girl came to be remembered for her strong character, who kept her hair full and tied in two ponytails. It was for this reason that, recently, users of social networks remembered a cool video, where the singer is seen even in an intimate moment in a beauty salon when she was young

“Let’s see how it looks, now let’s see the results,” Danna is heard saying, while sitting in a chair and someone washing her hair.

after that moment The actress has combed her famous curlsAfter that, apply makeup and apply some lipstick.

He painted her nails (Photo: Screenshot / TikTok)
He painted her nails (Photo: Screenshot / TikTok)

With Chinese hair and a pretty hairstyle, Danna mentions, “I’m going to have a manicure,” and then she goes to change and wears a white dress. With all his looks, heA little girl posed for the camera, but after trying to turn, she slipped and hit the floor.

Along with this, it can be seen in the video that the girl’s shoe also flew away. But immediately everyone started laughing, they came to pick him up and soon appreciated him.

After re-living the moment, netizens immediately reacted and Praised the actress for professional achievements:

“Danna Paola was always a girl who was born to be a star, I admire her”, “God is so gentle”, “success existed at that time As a woman as great as Danna”, are some of the comments that appeared on TikTok.

It should be remembered that, for the time being, the actress mentioned that she would walk away from the recording set for a special reason.

Danna Paola has fallen (Photo: Screenshot/Tiktok)
Danna Paola has fallen (Photo: Screenshot/Tiktok)

“When I Quit Acting I Made the Best Decision of My Life”The 26-year-old artist revealed a few days ago in an interview with the EFE agency. It is noteworthy that her international success began when she played the character “Lucresia” in the famous series Aristocrat class, However he mentioned that he would not be in the new season to devote himself entirely to his music since the title of his last album. KO,

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“Even though the sixth season was confirmed, I’m focusing on my music, This industry deserves time and heart. I’m in a very perfect moment with my songs, I want to act again, but for now, no,'” Danna Paola said.

the artist highlighted that music It has served him for many things but mainly to calm the anxiety, so He Changed His Medicine To Feel Much Better, “It is my best therapy as well as my family and dance. From the quarantine, what I learned the most was the balance between work and my personal life, time to heal myself first., You are the first, then you and you last, sometimes we forget it,'” he said.

Remember that Danna is famous for her participation in various projects and rose to fame since childhood, one of the first soap operas in which she appeared A ray of light With only 5 years of age, he was a part of programs such as Sesame Street, Maria Belen, Long Live the Children!, The P. Luche Family And many more.

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