The desperate request of a child in a man’s arms amid the happenings on the Sangh’s stage

U.S.A.The desperate request of a child in a man's...

* Incidents that were recorded in the stand of the Union de Santa Fe

In what was a football break in the home field due to the double date of the midterm national elections and the South American qualifiers for the World Cup in Qatar, professional league resumed its activity with the party that opened date 21 Feather Santa Fe, Where Federation And defense and justice they saw the faces in the main duel South American Cup.

The football party was overshadowed during the first half, when the match referee silvio trucco The action was forced to stop due to incidents witnessed in the stadium’s local stands. 15 April, the violent fanatics tetengu He reacted when Uruguay miguel marentiel had put falcon The in profit and the misfits had no better idea than to start throwing projectiles at the playground.

Internal fights in the center of the bar, clashes with the police and desperate requests for peace from genuine fans were some of the scenes that marked a sad episode in the resumption of the championship. As a preventive measure, union officials decided to open one of the dividing gates so that the families would not engage in fighting.

One of the examples that captivated the audience was the desperate request of a man who had a girl on his lap and demanded an end to the events. Even the official broadcast captured the moment a supporter asked one of the players to restart the game so as to contribute to the call off the unfortunate incident.

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Ultimately, the commitment continued to lead the team. gustavo munsa Score reversed before halftime. emmanuel brittazou, reverse, and Claudio Corvalani, with a lovely mid-range punch, was the author of several that sealed it 2 a 1 Before going to the hero’s changing room.

However, in the plugin Walter Bou complied with pre law in duplicate and within minutes he improved to two goals to celebrate defense and justice 3 a 2 in foreign territory.

Federation, who does not find regularity in the tournament, wanders to the middle of the table but due to his accumulated points he is in an expected position with the desire to reach an international competition.

NS falcon, meanwhile, a huge current is going through and does not close the post-climbing position Win seven of your last eight submissions. Sebastian Beckesis also aims to enter South American Cup.

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