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‘The Devil’s Hymn’ Writer Rushdie Takes Off His Respirator and Can Speak

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due for publicationNovel“The Satanic Verses”IranAuthorities offered a reward for the murder of decades-old British and American author Salman Rushdie. He was stabbed at least 10 times on stage in New York State on the 12th. After the operation, he still needed to wear a respirator and could not speak 13 Rei has taken off his respirator and can speak.


One writer and academic tweeted that Rushdie could speak. His agent, Andrew Wyllie, confirmed the news, having previously said that Rushdie may have lost an eye.

Rushdie, 75, has been the target of a bounty for murder by Iranian authorities since the late 1980s. His novel “The Devil’s Psalm” is considered by some Muslims to denounce the Prophet Muhammad.

Hadi Matar, 24, from the suspect who grievously killed hernew jerseyThe Lebanese-American, small town of Fairview, is sympathetic to Iran, as evidenced by its social media records. On the 12th, Mata suddenly appeared on stage and hit Rushdie in the face, neck and abdomen.

Mata declined to plead guilty to charges of attempted murder and assault during the trial, which prosecutors described as a “premeditated” crime.



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