Thursday, August 11, 2022

The dog robber who shot and robbed Devi Kaka was found guilty and jailed for 4 years

american music queenGoddess Kaka(Lady Gaga’s French bulldog was stolen last year, three men were charged with armed robbery against Gaga’s dog walker; one of the robbers, White, 20, pleaded guilty to 3 of second-degree robbery .californiaThe court sentenced him to four years in prison.

Jailyne Keishon White admitted to committing a crime in Hollywood in February 2021, when a group of robbers shot Ryan Fischer, who was fighting three futile battles, injuring him in the chest, Agence France-Presse reported. Fisher in a monthsocial networking siteA collapsed lung is pointed out on Instagram.

Surveillance footage at the crime scene showed a car was parked near Fisher, and the two jumped out of the car. One of the robbers told Fischer to “leave” the resistance, and then gunshots were heard during the fight. On the ground screaming after the snow fell.

At that point, two robbers captured two dogs, Cozy and Gustav, leaving Fischer at the scene to scream for help while the third dog, Miss Asia, was robbing the dog. After the bandit left, he ran back to Fischer, the dog walker.

In April 2021, White was charged with 19-year-old James Howard Jackson and 28-year-old Lafayette Sean Whaley.

The Justice Department’s US Marshals Service acknowledged in July that Jackson, who was charged with shooting in April due to a “writing error”, was released, saying that Jackson was armed and posed a threat. could. The Marshall Bureau offered a 5,000 yuan tip reward.

Los Angeles police said at the time that they did not believe suspects had targeted dogs based on the high profile of the goddess Kaka, but because the French bulldog is a popular breed that can fetch thousands of dollars on the black market.

The goddess Kaka offered a $500,000 reward for those who helped her find her dog. The kidnapping of her French Bulldog exposes a growing trend of theft of the precious breed.

Kaka, the goddess of the American music scene. (The Associated Press)


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