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The drama of “flower” is over…Hu Ge and Chen Long visited the 91-year-old “uncle” in the nursing home

Famous Mainland Male StarsHugeFor acting in the TV series “flower“, and became friends with veteran actor Yu Benchang. Recently, taking the opportunity to attend the “CCTV Spring Festival Gala”, Hu Ge and Chen Long were seen attendingnursing homeMeeting Benchang and his wife, the four of them happily took photos together. In the photo, Hu Ge and Chen Long are sitting on either side, and Yu Benchang is smiling. The picture is very hot.

While everyone is still remembering the wonderful performance of the “Flowers” actors on the Spring Festival Gala stage, Hu Ge and Chen Long actually went to a nursing home in Beijing to meet 91-year-old Yu Benchang, who played “Uncle”. Have gone in. In “Flowers”. “Hu Ge and Chen Long Visit You Benchang” once attracted the attention of netizens and even made it to the hot search list.

That day, when Yu Benchang opened the door and saw Hu Ge and Chen Long standing outside, he clapped in excitement. The two brought red envelopes and New Year items to wish Yu Benchang and his wife a happy New Year.

It is reported that Yu Benchang is living at home and being taken care of by his maternal grandmother. However, during the Spring Festival, the nanny went home on vacation, so the couple had to live in a nursing home for a while. After Nani returned to Beijing from holidays, they went back home.

In addition, the second annual Chinese TV Drama Festival was recently held. The TV series “Flower” lived up to expectations and won the “Drama of the Year”, while “Karst” and “Three-Body” won the “Integrated Communication Drama” “Best of the Year” and “Foreign Communication Drama of the Year” respectively. Respect. Actors Hu Ge, Zhang Songwen, Ma Yili and Reyza won the “Actress and Actor of the Year” honors, while Yu Benchang won the “Lifetime Achievement Artist” honor.

When Yu Benchang came on stage, the audience stood up and applauded. He said at the party, “I am very happy” and encouraged the younger generation, “Be patient and persevere. Let’s work hard to move forward together!”

It is understood that when filming “Flowers”, Yu Benchang was older and had more lines in long shots. Yu Benchang couldn’t help but breathe heavily after the director called for cutoff.

Even director Wong Kar-wai could not bear it and Hu Ge even suggested that Yu Benchang could storyboard the film.

However, in order to have a better presentation effect, Yu Bencheng insisted on carefully completing the filming of each scene according to the requirements of the script and the director.

Hu Ge (first from right) and Chen Long (first from left) were photographed visiting Yu Benchang and his wife at a nursing home. (Taken from Weibo)



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