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The earthquake in Taiwan frightened people in Nantou. Jiujiu Peak collapsed again. An old man suffered a stroke due to extreme stress.

0403 Hualien UniversityEarthquakeThe earthquake in Nantou County had a magnitude greater than 5. It shook vigorously up, down, left and right, causing indoor cabinets to fall and shake. It felt like the 921 earthquake. While evacuating, two people fell and were injured. Inside was an elderly man suspected of being extremely nervous about Puli Town.the strokesThe earth shook and people in Nantou became frightened.

Strong earthquake tremors were felt in Nantou County this morning. The house shook violently, indoor lamps and cabinets fell, and a “knocking” sound was heard throughout the house. In addition, the earthquake lasted more than 1 minute, and Jiujiu Peak was shaken Caotun Town. Landslides occurred on Dalin Road and Dalin Road in Xinyi Township, and smoke and dust could be seen in the distance. Traffic on Route 23.5k of Renyi Township Provincial Highway 14A to Hehuan Mountain and Hualien was disrupted due to rockfall and landslides.

The sudden collapse reminded many people of Nantou of the 921 earthquake. He felt that the tremors were getting worse. Some people were so scared that they ran out of their homes with their children in their arms. Some people also experienced the collapse of their homes 921 and were eventually rebuilt.loanI haven’t finished the payment yet, and I was worried that another strong earthquake would cause the house to collapse. After the earthquake I was very sad and choked up. Fortunately, only the cabinets and the TV fell. “I hope everyone is safe,” I consoled myself.

According to data from the Nantou County Fire Department, a total of 2 people were injured in the morning earthquake. One person in Nantou city collapsed during an evacuation, and an elderly man fell from his bed in Mingjian township. In addition, an elderly man in Puli Town was suspected to have suffered a stroke due to extreme stress during the earthquake and was sent to the hospital for treatment.

The 0403 earthquake caused Jiujiufeng Mountain in Nantou County to collapse, spewing smoke and dust. (provided by readers)



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