Saturday, November 26, 2022

The employee was fired and locked outside the door. Musk immediately calls for him to help open the door, and the ending is reversed.

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muskCaptureTwitterafter expansiondownsizing, A former employee who claims to have been fired during this wave of layoffs tweeted that he was responsible for managing Office access, but when Twitter shut down Office, he accidentally laid off too many people, so Musk deliberately calls out and asks him to come back and help open the door. Now the result of this incident has turned upside down.

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Alex Cohen tweeted on the 18th: “I was fired from Twitter this afternoon, and I was responsible for managing access to the Twitter office. Musk just called and asked me if I could go back and visit the HQ.” I can help them enter the building, because they are bent over.” Turned off all access card permissions and accidentally locked everyone.”

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However, this guy never worked for Twitter, he was just joking around and leading some people to believe that he was actually helping solve Twitter’s problems. He later posted a clarification that it was just a “comedy” and that it may be time to end it.

Kasturi, who recently became the boss of Twitter, pretended to be a former Twitter employee, showed a funny side to this creative article. This apparently did not happen, but Musk replied, “Thanks for your help, you’re a keeper”, apparently in line with his performance. Cohen then retweeted Musk’s response, saying, “I’m officially at the top of my game.” He also replied to Musk: “You’re welcome! I’m glad I got all the sustainability engineers back in this building.”


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