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The entire pot of hot soup fell on the left side of the body… Du Chun’s wife was burned and was grateful that he “changed places with the child”

Actor Du Chun’s wife Wang Can recently revealed on social media that she got burned while eating at a restaurant. He revealed photographs of the incident site and injuries. Luckily, their child was not injured.

Wang Can took her child to eat at a restaurant in Beijing on the 1st. Originally, the child was sitting where she was, but then she thought this was where the food was being served, so she switched seats with the child. At first, everyone was enjoying the food, but later in the service the student brought out a boiling stone pot soup. It was suspected that the pot had broken, so the entire hot soup fell on the left half of his body. His chest was burnt. From arms to thighs, causing him to feel a burning pain. In the end, she quickly went to the hospital for medical treatment.

Wang Can revealed that the purpose of disclosing this incident was to remind everyone not to sit where food is being served. Luckily, he switched seats with his child, otherwise the consequences could have been disastrous. He also posted a photo of the restaurant scene, and even his chest and arms were covered in redness. After seeing the doctor, he again disclosed the current situation. Blisters started appearing in the burnt area.

(Taken from Weibo)

Wang Can and Du Chun.  (Taken from Weibo)
Wang Can and Du Chun. (Taken from Weibo)



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