The Escaz Agreement Still Hasn’t Been Filed With Congress And Is Expiring

U.S.A.The Escaz Agreement Still Hasn't Been Filed With Congress...

Plantón demanded the ratification of the Escazu Agreement before the Congress of the Republic of Colombia on June 17, 2021. /colpressa

Congress people Feliciano Valencia, Antonio Cengino and Ivan Cepeda This Tuesday, November 23, he filed a certificate before the Senate’s Commission II to comply with the project’s legislative process, which wants Colombia to honor the commitments obtained in the Escazu Agreement.

Since June 22, 41 congressmen of various political streams have asked President Ivan Duque to present the project and even take a compliance action, so that officials should avoid it. Disappoint the ratification of this device Its purpose is to guarantee environmental democracy and the protection of the defenders of the environment.

It was only by 29 October that the duke once again filed the Escazzi Agreement before Congress and did so without the necessary message. And, like any bill, Escazú is waiting on the secretariat shelves to be sent to the second Senate committee and begin its process.

The Duke explained that he would first socialize the Escazi agreement in the regions, and then ratify it.  Photo: Efrin Herrera - Presidency.
The Duke explained that he would first socialize the Escazi agreement in the regions, and then ratify it. Photo: Efrin Herrera – Presidency.

“There are only three weeks left for the current legislature’s first term to expire, and since the bill has not yet begun its process in the strictest sense, neither have speakers been appointed to provide its discussion. Thus, these new lapses, although subtle, have been very efficient due to both the executive and the legislature. There is not enough time to discuss the Escazi agreement again as appropriate,” Senators Valencia, Cengino and Cepeda elaborated.

He also assured that contrary to these internal practices, the Colombian government in international affairs has not ceased to express its perceived commitment to the ratification and subsequent ratification of the Escazzi Agreement, however, neither he, nor his cabinet, Nor do his party benches in Congress, act accordingly.

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He recalled how during COP26 the importance of understanding how climate action should go hand in hand with its implementation. The Escaz Agreement because it is an important tool to guarantee an appropriate response to climate change in Latin America and the Caribbean. For Colombia, the Escazzi Agreement is an opportunity to honor the life and memory of all environmental defenders who have given their lives to protect the region and the environment, and this government and its coalition do not seem to care.

“Meanwhile, the only means that provide better guarantees for those leaders and the legitimate practice of protecting the environment to pursue its acceptance is laziness and the many obstacles it faces. Will this dangerous bloodbath confirm that agreement? Doesn’t seem to be sufficient reason to do what prevents it?”, the Congressmen said.

He made an energetic call not to delay, hinder, or further complicate the bill that would approve the Escazzi Pact by a majority of the national government and the Congress of the Republic; And instead “We urge you to abide by the 5th law and the Constitution, and submit the matter to a clear and preferential process that qualifies as a human rights instrument. Our duty, senators and senators, is to listen to the clamor of citizens who have repeatedly called for the ratification of this treaty, which is essential to building an environmental democracy in our country. Don’t delay Escaz any longer!”, they ask.

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