Friday, August 5, 2022

The exact time to exit the ISS Russian space high: depends on the technical condition of the space station

RussiafederalspaceYuri Borisov, the new director of the General Administration (Roscosmos), told on July 26PutinThe president decided to withdraw from the International Space Station (ISS) program “after 2024”, but NASA was immediately informed that Russia intended to continue cooperation. A senior Roscosmos official further said on the 4th that the date of Russia’s return from the ISS depends on the technical condition of the space station.

Russian state media RT and Ars Technica reported that Sergei Krikalev, executive director of Roscosmos’ manned space program, told a news conference, “As for the 2024 statement, perhaps some meaning was missed during translation. … that Russia will not withdraw from the program until after 2024. That is, nothing will change until the end of 2024.”

“After 2024, maybe 2025, maybe 2028 or 2030, the specific decision on the termination of the program will be based on the technical condition of the space station and the consent of all partners,” Krikalev said.

Krikalev was reportedly more firm in his assessment of the partnership, but in an interview with Rosia24 in late July, Borisov actually changed his comments by saying, “We just said, we will be in 2024. Exact time The schedule, whether it will be in 2024 or mid 2025, will really depend on a number of things, including the state of the ISS and its performance.”

“Actually, it’s no secret that we’re going to do this, I reported it to the president,” Borisov insisted.


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