The FAA revoked the pilot’s license after the plane swap stunt in the air

The Federal Aviation Administration last month revoked the licenses of two pilots who tried to change planes in the Arizona desert, calling their actions “negligent” and “negligent” during the stunt.

In addition to the withdrawal order issued Tuesday, the FAA fined Luke Eckins $ 4,932, summoning the agency chief pilot, for calling his pilot ‘negligent and reckless’ to leave his seat and fly the plane, an investigation soon announced. , Stunt show on April 24.

Mr. Eckins and fellow skydiver and pilot Andy Farrington planned to release their single-engine Cessna 182 in a 14,000-foot synchronized dive before leaving to change cockpits in mid-air.

But according to an emergency withdrawal order from the FAA, Mr Farrington was unable to board the plane when Mr Atkins tried to jump over a desert in Eloi, Arizona. The plane between Phoenix and Tucson lost control and crashed. No one was in the audience and no one was injured during the stunt, which was broadcast live on Hulu.

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