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The female reporter went to work as an AV actress and revealed her salary for filming “The annual salary increased by 7 times”

Although the famous AV actress Shibuya Kayu has retired, the background of her debut movie is still full of legends. She announced her AV debut in November 2014 and suddenly retired in 2018. Recently, he revealed on the show that the salary he receives for AV filming is up to 30 million yuan per year. Yen (about 200,000 US dollars), the annual salary is expected to increase by 7 times.

Kaho Shibuya is a renowned academic in the AV industry. He has passed many English exams like TOEIC with high scores. Before filming AV, she was a sports reporter for Tokyo Sports News and interviewed popular baseball players.Shohei OtaniOriginally had no intention of becoming an AV actress. She wanted to find some interesting part-time jobs just to find news content, so she applied to become an adult product testing worker. On the day of the interview, she was persuaded by an AV agency to do the shoot, and even took nude promotional photos. Unexpectedly with her beautiful appearance and amazing K-cup body, she instantly became famous in the AV industry.

Furthermore, Shibuya Kaho reported that when he was a reporter, his annual income was about 4.2 million yen (about US$28,000). After becoming an AV actress, her highest annual income was 30 million yen (about US$200,000)! Shibuya Kayu also said that when he first entered the AV industry, he set a goal of “killing 50 AV actors.” However, in the second year she quickly became overwhelmed and became a solo actress, filming in over 100 films. Then she retired suddenly in 2018. At that time, he also filmed a very sensational fight with many people to say goodbye to the AV industry, which many fans are still reluctant to leave. Luckily, he is still a fairly well-known internet celebrity and frequently interacts with fans.



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