The first case of Russian soldiers shooting innocent residents since the start of the war will be tried for war crimes in Ukraine

Ukraine’s Prosecutor General’s Office announced on 11th that it would conduct a “war crimes trial” of a Russian soldier accused of killing a civilian, to be tried for war crimes after Russian forces invaded Ukraine on 24th February. The first soldier (courtesy from facebook)

UkraineThe Attorney General’s office announced on the 11th that it would prosecute a man accused of murdering a civilian.RussiaThe soldier goes on a “war crimes trial” and is the first soldier to be tried for war crimes since the Russian army invaded Ukraine on February 24.

According to multiple media reports, Ukraine’s Attorney General Irina Venediktova told on Facebook that the Russian soldier was 21-year-old Vadim Shishmarin, the fourth tank. One member of the Division, currently in custody.

It is reported that Shimarin and four of his accomplices drove a stolen car to escape an attack by Ukrainian defense forces on February 28.carIn the small town of Chupkhivka in the Sumy region of East Kyiv, they were talking on the phone to a 62-year-old Ukrainian man riding a bicycle. Vena Diktova said that a soldier ordered Shimarin to kill the civilian “so that he would not report them to the Ukrainian army”.

Investigators said that Shimarin then used a Kalashnikov rifle “to fire from the car window several times and hit the unarmed man in the head,” said Vena Diktova. It is only a few dozen meters from his house.

Responding to the incident, Vena Diktova said, “Prosecutors have collected sufficient evidence that Shimarin was involved in a breach of the laws and customs of war, as well as in premeditated murder, so she could face 10 to 15 years in prison or prison.” I have to face life. According to the Washington Post, Vena Diktova stressed that “Shimarin is actually in Ukraine, so this case is not a trial in absentia, but a direct trial of those who killed civilians, which is a war crime.”

As the hearing of this case progresses, more similar cases can be expected in future. “Since Russia invaded Ukraine at the end of February, Russia has committed about 10,000 war crimes,” Vena Diktova said last week.

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