The green and beautiful streets of Shanghai will end the lockdown, ready to be refreshed

In order to welcome the new life after the opening, Shanghai Greenery and City Attendance Department began to replant new flowers. (courtesy of shangguan news)

Shanghai, where new local cases of the new crown are slowly decreasing, is ready to recover! Some netizens found that Hushan Road, a greener demonstration street in Shanghai, has started arranging street flowers in the past two days, preparing to refresh citizens who were released after the shutdown and control.

It’s been 7 weeks since Shanghai came under control at the end of March. Flower pots in many streets have dried up without any maintenance or are overgrown with weeds. However, a picture of “Hushan Road has started arranging flowers” recently circulated Internet netizens said that Shanghai has started arranging flowers on a large scale.

Liberation Daily. According to Shangguan News, Changing District Greening and City Appearance Department reported that flower boxes on Changning section of Huashan Road have been damaged recently.EpidemicAffected, the maintenance work to be done in April this year has been delayed so far. The flowers and plants in flower boxes have basically dried up recently, and the soil in some flower boxes is infested with insects. The increase in recent rains, dried flowers and plants washed away by the rain will also affect the appearance of the city. Therefore, with the recent killing work, the greenery maintenance unit will update the flowers, plants and soil in the flower box as a whole.

The concerned person in charge of Shanghai Greening and City Appearance Department said that the epidemic prevention and control situation in Shanghai has improved, and various market players are in an orderly mannerreturn to workProduction resumes, fireworks of the past will finally return. “We also hope to change into colorful flowers and plants as soon as possible, so that ordinary people can see the beauty of life and continue to pursue a better life together.”

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Almost all the flowers in the streets of Shanghai have withered due to the lack of maintenance of the epidemic.  (courtesy of shangguan news)
Almost all the flowers in the streets of Shanghai have withered due to the lack of maintenance of the epidemic. (courtesy of shangguan news)

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