The House of Representatives Failed to Define Jennifer Arias’ Position in the Presidency

U.S.A.The House of Representatives Failed to Define Jennifer Arias'...

Bogota July 22, 2021. Jennifer Arias, Speaker of the House of Representatives. (Colpresa – Camila Diaz)

In the House of Representatives, this Tuesday, November 23, A strong debate resulting from the motion moved by the opposition in respect of the alleged plagiarism committed by the chairman of that corporation, Jennifer Arias, leaving her position, works in her master’s degree at the University of Externado.

The document was signed by David Recero (Civilized), Catherine Miranda (Green Alliance), María Jose Pizarro (Descent), Jorge Gomez (Dignity Party), Fabian Diaz (Santanderiana Alternative Coalition), Leon Freddy Muoz (Green Alliance), Inti Esprila Had gone. (Alianza Verde), among others. They assure that if Arias remains in office, the Chamber may send the wrong message to the public.

After a formal request made by the opposition to remove the officer, the delegates made their point of view whether they were in favor or against, and Most Supported Area.

However, before voting on the motion, other congressmen led by César Lordu replaced it with another, noting that pointing to the original word could generate conflicts of unconstitutionality. “Revocation” of a President of the Chamber It is not present in the political constitution and if it is voted down, it would be prejudiced.

at the end of the debate Most Congressmen skip the plenary session Leaving the vote without a quorum, hence no decision, and will continue tomorrow, November 24.

In her speech, Jennifer Arias explained that she is not embarrassed and is showing her face because she did not commit plagiarism as claimed by Externado in a press release. “I finished my subjects, I graduated, fulfilling all the requirements of graduation that the university demanded to graduate and the university today eagerly says nothing of the disciplinary to say about the process. does not have the capacity”, he pointed.

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University of Externado confirms plagiarism

NS University of Externado Assured that after a thorough investigation, he detected plagiarism in the presented Master’s thesis Jennifer Arias Co-authored with Lady Lucia Largo Alvarado, who now faces the consequences of intellectual theft.

The educational institution assured that it submitted the thesis to a computer device for plagiarism detection and that it found numerous coincidences with published sources or documents on the Internet. It was ensured that in the process, coincidences with other texts that were not duly cited, freely reproducible or were not protected by copyright were discarded. Still, the number of coincidences that fit the five possible cases of plagiarism is high.

“In all the five cases mentioned it became clear that the elements necessary for the existence of copyright infringement, including the reproduction or copying of the original and protected elements of the works mentioned, are agreed upon. A quantity of texts reproduced literally (Slavic plagiarism) or deliberately interpreted Where a simple reading is sufficient to deduce the manner in which such pieces arrive at the degree of work analyzed. In the light of reason, the only possible explanation for the coincidences found is the existence of an infringing reproduction or copy of copyright,” explained a lawyer appointed by the university to evaluate the case.

Arias, along with Largo Alvarado, sent his master’s thesis to the university again during the first days of November this year, but Externado assured that the new document and the one presented is not identical.

This Tuesday, Supreme Court told that it would launch a preliminary investigation against Arias for these facts.

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