The Indonesian National Team Crushed Myanmar, Ezra Walian’s Penalty Closed the Goal

SportsThe Indonesian National Team Crushed Myanmar, Ezra Walian's Penalty...

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ANTALYAIndonesian National team crush Myanmar with a landslide score of 4-1 in test match second in Turkey, Thursday (25/11/2021) evening WIB. Ezra Walian closed the Garuda squad’s goal party from the penalty spot.

High determination and hard work were successfully displayed by Shin Tae-yong’s troops throughout the match. The Garuda squad displayed an impressive game from the first half.

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Evan Dimas and his friends succeeded in controlling the game through possession of the ball. Attacks built from the left and right also look very effective.

The first opportunity was successfully created by Witan Sulaeman from his acceleration on the left side in the third minute. He managed to pass a player and stabbed into the opponent’s penalty box. However, the flat bait that was sent failed to be greeted by his colleagues in the goal mouth.

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It didn’t take long for the Garuda squad to hit the deadlock again a minute later. Ezra Walian sent a beautiful pass from the left, and managed to head home Ricky Kambuaya. The header was successful in tearing the nets of Pyae Phyo Ayng in the fourth minute while leading with a score of 1-0.

After winning, Evan and his friends were pressured by Myanmar. However, the defense looks pretty solid. Interestingly, the transition to attack on the counter-attack that is built is very good.

Observed in the 11th minute, the counter-attack of Shin Tae-yong’s squad went well. Starting from Alfeandra Dewangga’s breakthrough pass from the middle of the field, Irfan Jaya managed to escape the offside trap and made a brilliant finish to double the advantage to 2-0.

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