The Jewish community maintains that apologies for Nazism can be avoided by pedagogy, like the National Police

U.S.A.The Jewish community maintains that apologies for Nazism can...

The Colombian National Police is once again involved in a scandal, as an alleged “cultural exchange” took place on 18 November at the Simon Bolivar Police School in the municipality of Tulua, Valle del Cacá. The use of the symbolism of Nazi Germany in the midst of the incident caused outrage from the country and other countries.

There was such outrage that the Colombian Jewish community, the German embassy, ​​the Israeli embassy and even the United States expressed dissatisfaction with what had happened and condemned the attitude of the national police.

In an interview with Blue Radio, Marcos Paykel, the director of the Jewish community in Colombia, referred to this fact and assured that it was somewhat “unacceptable”.

We see a very serious episode. not acceptable. (…) We do not know the reasons, but ultimately it was a well organized incident, which should have been well prepared, but the same seriousness was recognized by the police.

According to Paykel, such acts have no place in the police of a country like Colombia and recalled that the Holocaust “Greatest Crime” Of history

The greatest crime committed in Holocaust history was a systematic, industrial destruction, perpetrated by the main power or one of the main powers of the time, where an entire people was taken by trains to gas chambers or forests where they were killed. , and of the nine million Jews in Europe, six died.

The Director of the Jewish Community argued that such events could be avoided by education and pedagogy about World War II and the Holocaust.

What to do pedagogy is like hate speech, if it is not stopped in time, it becomes fact and facts become regrettable, like what happened in Holocaust. The pedagogy of the Holocaust is overdue to be established in Colombia, it is already in many countries, we believe that it is the passage and the lesson that took place in Tulua.

“In a wrong and inconsistent manner, an educational activity on universal history was carried out today at the ‘Simon Bolivar’ police school, in which the students of that police monastery recreated scenes from the Nazi Germany period”, the institution said.

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Similarly, he vehemently rejected the decisions taken within the school and affirmed that these are facts which go against the institutional policy of full respect for human rights.

“The use of Nazi symbols and caricatures of police uniforms is unacceptable and therefore it has been decided to remove the school director,” the National Police said.

Similarly, from the National Directorate of Schools of the National Police, he offered public excuses for the Jewish community and all those who were hurt by the unfortunate events in Tulua.

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