The Lanes defeated the Platens on the day that could have consecrated the River Champions of the Professional League.

U.S.A.The Lanes defeated the Platens on the day that...


group of luis zubeldia Their desire to qualify for the Copa Libertadores faces a significant conflict. To this day, he is in South American Cup status. After a hard loss against Petronato (2–3), DT kept the team ground and the only change was the entry of Lionel Di Placido instead of Brian Aguirre, who reached fifth yellow and would have to meet the date of suspension. Garnett has 35 points and is in 7th place.

In the case of squid, those who have just lost home to the river, they are in 20th place with 23 units.

Garnett starts the winning from the locker room with a goal of guillermo bardiso With a header off corner kick on the 7th minute.


punch: Pablo Dovalo

stadium: Nestor Diaz Perez

TV: Public TV and ESPN

Colon-Rosario Central


With the next Libertadores assured for the final title, Sablero took to the field with the aim of adding to the common table and closely following the tournament leaders. Eduardo Dominguez’s team is in 8th place with 35 points.

In Canalla’s case, they are 13th with 27 units and Kylie González formed with the same eleven that won the last date against Atlético Tucumán (3–1) at the Gigante de Arroyoto.

From the start, the rookie scored with two goals before the end of the ten minutes. Marco Rubena,


punch: Mauro Vigliano

stadium: Brigadier Estanislao López

TV: TNT Sports

Arsenal 0-1 Union

Much less happened in the game than was expected. armory And Federation The day opened in a duel according to professional league date 22where all eyes were on him to commemorate, for the possible consecration of River from this point of view race,

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lousy spectacle seen Bridge given a closed and accidental trial in which tetengu It was a little better.

Air shipments represent the most commonly used equipment by Uruguay gustavo munsa and false start alejandro medina They were able to contribute to the opening of the scoreboard.

except for some mid-range shots from Emanol Machuka, Faisundo Kruspzki and Nicolas Corderos, the meeting fell into a rain of balls without understanding and ideas. Therefore, the conflict was resolved Minutes 45 of Supplement,

How could it be otherwise, emmanuel brittazou sealed 1 a 0 To the benefit of the Santa Fe team, after a maneuver full of pushes, blunders and errors. The Victory Who Gave Three Points Federation He gave examples of what happened throughout the engagement. Despite the poor aesthetics, tetengu Won a huge prize from Sarandi and the crisis of Deepaya armory,


punch: George Balino

stadium: 15 April


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