The last time there was a Classical Capitolino in Liguilla, the Americas beat the Pumas

U.S.A.The last time there was a Classical Capitolino in...

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America And puma dress They will clash in the quarterfinals of the tournament Scream Mexico Opening 2021 so called. in a newer version of classic capitolino, However, the nearest antecedent in Liguila is a coercive victory by Azulcremas to Auriazules by a global score. Seven goals for two goals,

it was in Opening 2018 When the then cast, led by Miguel Herrera and David Patino, saw each other for the final. The first leg, played at Ciudad Universitaria, resulted in a goal in a similar match. In that first game, Diego Lanez and Martin Rodriguez were the scorers.

The story took a 180 degree turn to close the series. already on the lawn Aztec StadiumAmerica inflicted one of the biggest defeats on Puma in their history. With the total score tied, it took only eight minutes for the Eagles to advance on the scoreboard with a goal Renato Ibarra, Carlos GonzalezHowever, he managed to equalize the balance with a header before half an hour of play.

This left only one opponent on the field. bruno valdez And Roger Martinez He extended Azulcremas’ advantage with a point each before the break. For the start of the supplementary part, the Americanists dealt another blow to their opponent with a fourth goal, which was responsible for Guido Rodriguez,

Archive photo of lvaro Fidalgo (L) of the United States battling the ball with Arturo Ortiz de Pumas at the Azteca Stadium in Mexico City (Mexico).  EFE / Carlos Ramirez
Archive photo of lvaro Fidalgo (L) of the United States battling the ball with Arturo Ortiz de Pumas at the Azteca Stadium in Mexico City (Mexico). EFE / Carlos Ramirez

Only four minutes later the idea of ​​a planned response by university students broke with America‘s fifth goal. He was Diego Lanezzo Scorer. The final goal fell through the penalty line twenty minutes from the end, where the collector was. Emanuel Aguilera, Thus, the match ended with a global score of one to six goals and seven to two.

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All of the last examples above are the most recent of the Capital Classic. Earlier, in Clausura 2018, the people of Copa had also turned away university students by a landslide. At that time it was in the quarter-finals and the overall score increased from six goals to two.

By seventh time In short tournament history, America and Puma would meet in the final stages of Mexican football. History marks a positive balance for the Eagles With statistics for five series you won (Summer 2002, Clausura 2013, Apertura 2014, Clausura 2018 and Apertura 2018) for only one loss (Apertura 2015).

Azulcremas and Auriazules will fight for the first ticket to the semi-finals. game of East This will happen Wednesday 24 November at 7:00 pm on the grounds of the University Olympic Stadium. while that Lap will be at the same time Saturday 27 At Azteca Stadium. In the regular stage of the Gritta México A21, Copa scored the victory at the Capital Classical with two goals to zero.

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