The leader of Ukrainian businessmen was forcibly pushed into a patrol car in Kyiv

WorldThe leader of Ukrainian businessmen was forcibly pushed into...
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Serhiy Dorotych, the leader of the Ukrainian Entrepreneurs’ Movement, was detained in the center of Kyiv outside the Verkhovna Rada during a protest rally by SaveFOP supporters (Rescue Individual Entrepreneurs) who oppose innovations in the Tax Code of Ukraine. ua ».

The video shows how several security officers surrounded the activist and took him to a patrol car. Along the way, Dorotych and his associates repeatedly asked about the grounds for detention, but received no answer. Then the detainee was forcibly pushed into a car and taken to one of the police stations.

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On September 23, entrepreneurs in the center of the Ukrainian capital came to the rally, dissatisfied with plans to approve changes to the tax code that would complicate reporting for small businesses. Ukrainians also demand the adoption of a bill on an annual increase in the maximum amount of income for the right to use the simplified taxation system.

Also, several hundred people came to the Rada building demanding the dismissal of the head of the political council of the Opposition Platform – For Life party, Viktor Medvedchuk. The third action also takes place under the walls of the parliament and is called “Black Label 5600”. Protesters are dissatisfied with the intention of deputies from the party “Servant of the People” to adopt the bill №5600 and increase taxes and excise duties for big business, in particular, to generate “green” electricity.

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