“The Liberal Party respects itself”: details of the grab between Cesar Gaviria and Alejandro Gaviria

U.S.A."The Liberal Party respects itself": details of the grab...

The Liberal Party, led by Cesar Gaviria, will break its support for candidate Alejandro Gaviria in the next few hours

former President Caesar Gaviria and the current leader of the Liberal Party and alejandro gaviria He cut his political ties due to differences and demands regarding community support in the candidacy of former rector of the Andes. The beginning of everything was Alexander’s confirmation in the conclave that announced Juan Fernando Christ To find a centre-left candidate for Asha’s coalition.

This is all due to the fact that neither members of that political union nor former President Gaviria want to work hand in hand, as the former believes that the party president has changed the course of the community and Gaviria questions his actions. Figures such as Fajardo and Juan Fernando Cristo. The former president was deeply upset after Gaviria published a video this Wednesday of Christ accepting Christ’s offer to meet this weekend.

According to Cesar Gaviria, the former health minister had confirmed weeks ago that he would not participate in the said coalition to support the party, moreover, because several militants collected signatures from Gaviria, who does not officially have a party. And they should seek a little over 900 thousand votes to validate their presidential aspiration.

According to Noticias Caracol, Gaviria called the former minister and asked him to stop lying: “Do whatever you want with your campaign. But don’t lie to me now. I’m tired (…), the Liberal Party respects itselfConfirmed to the newscast and then cut all ties with Gaviria. The call lasted only three minutes and was made amid Cesar’s shouting.

But beyond that, one of the hardest points of Alejandro’s decision is that the moderate extremists, who had collected signatures to validate his candidacy and who are said to be at least a million, were distributing them after the call. will not be able to. of former President. In fact, the director of Liberal Youth, John Banquero, who will hand over the signature, He said he would no longer sign the endorsement because “he prefers to settle with Christ and Fajardo.”, He also accused the latter of being a “customerist” and a “robber”.

Gaviria, the candidate, had already reiterated on two occasions that he would not join the coalition, however, relations with Fajardo and Cristo continued. This liberal support drew criticism for the poor image of the former rector of the Universidad de los Andes, which the party and the president have among former members such as Humberto de la Calle, the Galán brothers and Piedad Cordoba, who have been abdicating since 2016. Huh. Insurgency within.

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However, Gaviria had already said that he could not deny the party’s youth rank and file support as it was one of his feelings for his candidacy. But everything changed with the announcement this Wednesday.

for now, The meeting will be held at the end of this week Between Sergio Fajardo, Juan Fernando Cristo, Juan Manuel Galán, Carlos Amaya, Angelica Lozano, Jorge Enrique Robledo, Ingrid Betancourt and Humberto de la Calle to define who or how the lone candidate of that alliance was dealt a strong blow last week. Found, will be selected. With the freedom that the Alianza Verde party gave its members to support the candidate of their choice.

senator with sandra ortizo Had to withdraw from his candidacy because if he wanted to support another party he could get dual membership because of his credentials within the Green, an issue that does not happen. camillo romero, which joined the historic pact this Wednesday. for its part, Carlos Amaya continues with the coalition and will continue to seek support for Asha to be the coalition’s candidate.

On the other hand, Christo expressed in his proposal that the idea is to achieve a dialogue between politicians who believe in collective leadership and are distant from the caudillos and the Messiah, How the center defines figures like lvaro Uribe or Gustavo Petro, As well as those who wish to bring Colombia out of “the peril of the current government and its party”.

He said, these are the people who think of the need for concrete commitments in India In the fight against climate change and in defense of the market economy, as well as more effective interventions by the state to tackle inequality. Similarly, “those of us who recognize the urgency Fight corruption and improve our institutions To deepen our democracy, without the slightest hint of authoritarian exploits. Those of us who support a peace deal,

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