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The “Little Times Actress” Reveals Her Mother Is Suffering From 3 Mental Illnesses And Wants To Do Stupid Things At Times

“Little Times” stars Hold’s sisters Zi Yilin, Guo Caijie, Yang Mi and Guo Biting. (Photo: Provided by Amman)

guo jingmingMoviesThe popular Taiwanese actress Zi Yilin of the series “Little Times” married and had children, the focus of her life shifted to family, on the 8thmother’s DayPeople suddenly feel distressed by the article “My mom is a psychopath” and sharing impressions of her growing up.

Zi Yilin, nicknamed “Sister Hold”, wrote in a lengthy article on the 8th that her mother was suffering from depression, bipolar disorder, and panic disorder. He had stopped her from “talking stupid” several times. Dad, he was going to cut her with a knife, but his sister didn’t take anything with the blade. But her mother also stood up for her when she was fighting with neighbors, ran to a neighbor’s house to scream, or went to school and screamed for someone who had too much homework when she wrote her homework and cried .

Zi Yilin said that because of her mother’s “weird situation”, she peeped into her diary when she was worried that she was going to do something stupid, and found the diary that read, “Today is Yilin’s birthday, I want to see her.” Took me to buy clothes, I hope that my children will always be happy.” ”, Let her bluntly say, “Reading this straight led to tears”, but there was a lot of contradiction in her heart. Zi Yilin admitted that she was a Bar hated her mother’s behavior, but she gradually understood and coped with her mother’s illness. Now her mother goes to the doctors and takes medicine. “That too changing herself,” she said. would like to eat healthy, quit smoking and drinking,healthWhen I want to fight the disease while conscious, I no longer insist on changing it, complaining about it, trying to empathize with it, listening to it, and rejecting it even if I don’t agree. ,

On Mother’s Day, Zi Yilin frankly said, “Happy Mother’s Day, happiness has always been used to bless her. It can be seen that she is really a difficult thing, but let’s take a hard step in this direction.” Work hard. Mom, I love you, and I know all I have to say is I love you. You’ll be happy.”

Hold's sister Zi Yilin.  (courtesy from weibo)
Hold’s sister Zi Yilin. (courtesy from weibo)

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