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The Los Angeles Bridge cost 588 million to open, but had to be closed repeatedly due to frequent man-made accidents

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connectLos AngelesThe Sixth Street Bridge and Boyle Heights in downtown reopened on July 27 after closing on the evening of Tuesday, July 26, the fourth time in five days. The bridge cost 588,800 yuan to build and officially opened to the public on 10 July.


city ​​of los angelespoliceThe Bureau originally announced on the evening of the 26th that the bridge would be closed indefinitely until further notice due to “illegal activities and public safety concerns”.

Police spokesman Sergeant Drake Madison said he could not specify the nature of the illegal activity.

According to the Los Angeles Times, on the evening of the 26th, instagram A series of four videos posted on Twitter showed a large group of cyclists boarding the driveway in front of police and a helicopter circling overhead, clearing and closing a bridge. But this shutdown lasted only a few hours.

The 26th is another closure of the new bridge. In less than a month, the bridge has been closed at least five times before and after. Last weekend, the bridge was closed for three consecutive nights. It seemed like a guessing game whether the bridge was closed or not. Has it been closed?”

The Los Angeles Police Department does not expect the bridge to be closed Wednesday night, only to do so “when necessary.”

In fact, the Sixth Street Bridge has become a landmark for street racing, collision and graffiti labels since its opening to traffic. Footage on social media over the weekend showed people driving across the bridge and performing other stunts while leaving scratches on the pavement. Last week also saw a man getting his hair cut in the middle of the bridge, another man practicing tai chi on the bridge in a red hat, and an accidental car driver who left a damaged Dodge Charger on the bridge and went on foot . ran away.

At a police committee meeting on the 26th, Los Angeles Police Chief Michelle Moore announced that the Department of Road Services had begun installing speed bumps on the bridge to prevent motorists from performing illegal stunts on the bridge. Safety fencing will also be installed on the footpaths to prevent climbers from traveling along the arch of the bridge. He said that in the last four days, the police have issued more than 57 tickets and seized six vehicles.

The issues are also a concern for the city, with councilors calling for increased police patrols of the bridge and more security measures to prevent people from climbing over the edge or blocking roads.

A skateboarder blogger first took to social media to engage in a “mob sesh” with friends and skateboarders on the newly built bridge. (social media screenshot)



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