The Louisiana governor has said he opposes a bill that would classify abortion as murder

Louisiana Governor John Bell Edwards said Wednesday that he opposes a pending law that would classify abortion as a homicide and that it would be possible for prosecutors to lay criminal charges against women who end their pregnancies.

Mr. Edwards’s lawyer in Baton Rouge, Louisiana, told Democrats that he considered the law “clearly unconstitutional” and would veto it if lawmakers approved it. He was critical of the Rotary program during the scheduled vote on the bill in the Republican-controlled State House.

“It’s ridiculous to suggest that a woman go to jail for an abortion,” Edwards said in a special statement Wednesday. “This law is radical, it goes beyond just pro-life.”

Mr. Edwards, a two-time governor of a conservative state, is the only Democrat to hold that position in the Deep South. But they have a history of strongly supporting anti-abortion legislation, including state laws prohibiting abortion anytime after fetal heart activity is detected, such as rape and pornography – which has angered many in his party.

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