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The men and women of the Azov Steel Plant were married for 3 days and their husbands were killed in battle

Valeria (left) and Andrew (Andrew, right) married in the bunker on the 5th, but according to Valeria’s Facebook post today, Andrew died in battle, 3 days after their wedding. Photo taken from the Ukrainian National Guard’s Facebook Has been

UkraineThe Azovstal Steel Plant in Mariupol was besieged by the Russian army. A couple fighting side by side got married in the bunker, but three days later the man died in battle.

CNN reported that Valeria and Andrew tied the knot in the bunker on the 5th, but according to Valeria todayFacebook(Facebook) posted that Andrew died in battle 3 days after the wedding.

The Ukrainian National Guard also shared on Facebook a photo of the couple wearing camouflage and getting married in a bunker, as well as a photo of the two before being attacked again by the Russians.

Valeria wrote on Facebook: “You have only been my legal husband for 3 days, but my eternal love. My dear, caring husband, you were and are the best. Your last name, your dear family and happy times Memories are together what I have.”

She assured Andrew that she would survive the enemy siege and survive for two men at the same time.

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