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The menu “Taiwan Sandwich” puts the national flag on the New Zealand cafe and gets a one-star negative review

The picture shows the flag of the Republic of China. Photo of the newspaper department. (Reporter Huang Yishu / Photography)

New Zealand’s largest cityAuckland(Auckland) One roomcoffeeThe owner of the pavilion said he added the Taiwanese flag to the menu, which drew criticism from a customer, who later discovered that inGoogleThe star rating of the review was downgraded, and the negative review also mentioned the “One China” policy.

Radio New Zealand (RNZ) reported that Cosmo Coffee owner Jason Park said his cafe’s signature menu is international sandwiches, of which “Taiwanese sandwiches” include toast, cheese, ham and Taiwanese mayonnaise. , In order to facilitate the identification of customers, the national flag is also added to the menu.



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In addition to Taiwan, the menu also includes sandwiches from Korea, Italy, Vietnam, the United States and other countries. Each item is marked with a national flag for customers to choose from.

One female customer said in a Google review of the cafe that she was uncomfortable with the flag next to the “Taiwanese sandwich” on the menu, which also referred to the “one China” policy.

After the above review was deleted, the cafe received another 8 one-star reviews. These 8 reviews are all from new accounts and do not mention the restaurant’s food or service quality at all. The store asked commenters for further clarification, but received no response.

In this regard, Parker said that he could not believe that the flag on the menu caused such a big backlash, but he did not intend to remove the flag.

“First of all, the cafe’s menu is inspired by many different cultures, and we made this decision to cater to Auckland’s multicultural customer base,” he explained.

“In the process of looking for menu inspiration, we came across Taiwanese sandwiches. As for the little flag sign on the menu, the purpose is to help customers identify the different sandwiches. We just googled Taiwan and added the flag pattern we found, This has nothing to do with “One China”.”

“We were shocked to get multiple one-star reviews for using the Taiwanese flag,” Parker stressed. “We really didn’t mean to offend any customers.”

In response to the incident, Restaurant Association of New Zealand chief executive Marisa Bidois said fake reviews could have serious implications for restaurant operators and could be very disruptive.

According to Biduwa, the restaurant industry “is facing extremely difficult times, and such problems will further exacerbate an already stressed industry”.

In response to relevant reports, the Taipei Economic and Cultural Office in Auckland responded that Taiwan, the Republic of China, is a sovereign and independent country and is not affiliated with the People’s Republic of China.

Chen Yongshao, director of the Taipei Economic and Cultural Office in Auckland, also said: “China has been exerting undue pressure on the international community (on Taiwan), and now even delicious sandwiches are not immune.”

Parker, owner of Cosmo Coffee, said that in addition to Taiwan, the menu also includes Korea, Italy, Vietnam,...
Parker, owner of Cosmo Coffee, said that in addition to Taiwan, the menu also includes sandwiches from various countries such as Korea, Italy, Vietnam, and the United States. Each item is marked with a national flag for customers to choose from. (Screenshot from the official website of Cosmo Coffee)

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