Thursday, August 4, 2022

“The most beautiful Ren Yingying” still single at the age of 53, she responded generously when asked about her sexual needs

The 53-year-old beautiful actress Xu Qing is still single this year. When he played Ren Yingying in “Swordsman”, he was recognized as the lover of men’s dreams at the time, and was praised as “the most beautiful Ren Yingying”. Even though she has great appearance, knowledge and family background, many people may mistakenly think that she has a boyfriend, and does not dare to pursue her hastily, so that some men stop, but she is still very smart. and has sharply answered the “sexual requirements” question of Chinese journalists.

Xu Qing in 1969BeijingBorn, as he starred in Chen Kage KeMovies“Going to Sing” attracted the attention of the outside world. Later, he starred in several classic films such as “East and West”, “Qin Song”, “Swordsman”, and the film “Old Pao Er” directed by Fang Xiaogang. Won the 33rd Volkswagen Best Actress Award at the Hundred Flowers Film Awards.

According to rumours, a reporter once asked a question to Zhu Qing, asking how to meet his physical needs after being single for so long? Faced with such a rude question, Xue Qing still replied playfully, “Shouldn’t this be a boy’s question?” Tell the netizens about it later, and praise her for her very high EQ and resolve the embarrassment wisely.

53-year-old Xu Qing. (courtesy from weibo)


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