The new biden charter school rules could lead to a bilateral backlash

On Wednesday, 1,000 parents and lawyers across the country gathered at the Department of Education and the White House to protest the regulations.

Malachi Armstrong, a father of Kindergarten students at a Philadelphia charter school, was among the participants, wearing T-shirts with protest messages and repeatedly chanting “Get out of our school”. Mr Armstrong attended a charter school in Philadelphia after public schools closed, calling the proposed rules “meaningless.”

“Charter schools aim to be different,” he said. “They know how difficult it is – and I’m sure the Department of Education knows how bad public schools are.”

The rally followed a series of high-profile condemnations of the proposed terms, including by philanthropist billionaire and former New York mayor Michael R. Bloomberg and Jared Police of the Democratic Colorado government. In a letter sent last week, senators Diane Feinstein of California, Corey Booker of New Jersey and Michael Bennett of Colorado asked the department to amend them.

The Biden Administration has provided $ 440 million a year in funding for the Federal Charter School program, with grants covering almost half of the existing charter schools covering a range of start-up costs, such as furniture and buses. Helps to cover.

In recent years, however, President Biden has joined Democrats in publicly sponsoring publicly funded charter schools. The party has long seen this as a compromise on Republican-backed taxpayer-funded private school tuition vouchers.

As a candidate, Mr. Biden declared himself not a ‘Charter School Fan said, “This has caused a lot of concern about the expansion of these schools during the Charter-friendly Obama administration. During the campaign, Mr. Biden pledged to reduce the number of for-profit charter schools with federal funding – less than 7,700 nationwide, 12%.

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