The Nicaraguan regime established a treaty with the Cuban dictatorship to grant free visas to the island’s citizens

U.S.A.The Nicaraguan regime established a treaty with the Cuban...

Nicaragua and Cuba have had close political ties whenever the Central American country was ruled by Daniel Ortega, first between 1979 and 1990, and again since 2007.

The Nicaraguan regime this Monday established “free visas” for Cuban citizens As a “humanitarian” measure to benefit Cubans with relatives in the Central American country.

A resolution from Nicaragua’s Ministry of the Interior, which came into force this Monday and issued tonight, is aimed primarily at facilitating business trips, family tourism.

“Given the number of requests from Cuban citizen brothers to accompany relatives in Nicaragua, and to promote commercial exchanges, tourism and humane family ties, as of Monday, November 22, 2021, there is an agreement for all Cuban citizens. Free visa has been established for those who wish to enter Nicaragua”, the Ministry of the Interior indicated.

With this decision, Cubans will no longer have to pay the equivalent of $17.85 to obtain a visa spread on the island of Nicaragua., and the period of which is 30 days, which may be extended up to 90.

The elimination of visas for Cuba means that islanders will not even need to provide a reason for travel to obtain permission to travel to Nicaragua.

Several people wear masks as they walk down a street in Havana, Cuba
Several people wear masks as they walk down a street in Havana, Cuba

Nicaraguan government officials did not report whether Cubans must comply with pandemic measures to enter Nicaragua, such as a negative COVID-19 test with a maximum validity of three days, or a pre-screening seven days earlier.

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Until the Covid-19 pandemic, Cuban citizens were treated with the Augusto C. It was common to see crowds at Sandino International Airport, with many shopping bags lined up to return to Havana.

The dictatorships of Nicaragua and Cuba have always had close political ties, first between 1979 and 1990, and then the Central American country ruled by Daniel Ortega since 2007.

Both countries are part of the Bolivarian Alliance – People’s Trade Treaty for the People of Our America (ALBA-TCP).

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