“The only thing that didn’t go up was the price of the atoll”: Vicente Fox blasts against AMLO due to the increase in the original basket

U.S.A."The only thing that didn't go up was the...

Vicente Fox attacks AMLO for declining GDP and increasing the percentage of inflation (Photos: Cuartoscoro // Presidency of Mexico)

this afternoon, pan Vicente Fox Quesada Mexican President attacked Andres Manuel López Obrador (AMLO) After an increase in the food cost of the original basket during the first fortnight of November, as reported National Institute of Statistics and Geography (Ingei).

In this context, the former President spoke through his social network and shared the following message: “The only thing that didn’t go up was the price of the atoll, the chair people take with their fingers every morning.“, which contained an image of a table showing an increase in some of the products that make up the basic consumption basket, including rice, beans and lentils.

Also, the 79-year-old politician criticized National Consumer Price Index (INPC), was released by Inegi and shows that inflation reached 7.05% in the first 15 days of November, its highest level in two decades. with this, Fox Quesada described a 0.4% drop in Gross domestic product (GDP).

The former President of Mexico spoke out against the policy of AMLO and the decline in GDP (Photo: Twitter / @VicenteFoxQue)
The former President of Mexico spoke out against the policy of AMLO and the decline in GDP (Photo: Twitter / @VicenteFoxQue)

“Clear consequences of the government‘s persistent mistakes!! triple PlayThe turmoil in the economy. Extreme inflation. deadly violence. “Fear” was even worse. Mexico’s economy fell 0.4% in the third quarter,” wrote Blue and White in the same social network.

The reaction to his comments was immediate, and some Internet users criticized the results released by Statistics and Geography, while others were Twitter users who mocked the former president and questioned him about the abolition of life pensions for former presidents. , for the improvement of Federal law on the remuneration of public servants It was promoted by AMLO.

“It’s called inflation and it happens all over the world“, “What is life like without a millionaire pension, ex-president? Are you still sniffing?” ,Highest inflation in last 20 years, Good thing Cheiro is happy with his Ninis scholarship and his welfare card” and “I will give like for your remarks but you were also disappointed as president”, were some of the comments obtained by Fox Quesada.

Mexico's president says he'll stop calling himself Andres Manuel if drugs don't arrive "even the most remote villages" (Photo: Presidency)
The Mexican president said he would stop calling himself Andres Manuel if drugs didn’t reach “the most remote cities” (Photo: Presidency)

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Similarly, PAN indicated that Amlo He “already killed too many people” during the first three years of his administration. The remarks came after the president issued statements this Thursday morning, in which he said he would stop calling himself Andrés Manuel if medicines were not delivered in time to “the most remote cities”.

“It’s like an obstacle course, because there’s a lot of hunger for money, money is for them, as I said” Hidalgo“Your God, so now we are going to that, as soon as the vaccine was distributed, we are going to distribute medicines to the most remote villages, they will not be absent or I will stop calling Andres Manuel ” Expressed Tabasco during the meeting with the press.

It should be noted that, last Tuesday, November 23, López Obrador led the 112th General Assembly of IMSS and during the event, the President announced that the model used by National Defense Secretariat (Sedena.), For the distribution of vaccines against the COVID-19 pandemic.

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