The pilots landed the plane at another airport without warning and scared the Russians

U.S.A.The pilots landed the plane at another airport without...

Utair pilots without warning landed a plane flying from Samara at Moscow‘s Domodedovo airport instead of Vnukovo and scared the Russians. This was reported on Monday, October 25, REN TV.

“The situation is terrible. We are flying, we are told that the plane will arrive in Domodedovo, not in Vnukovo. We were kept on a closed plane for two hours. There was a pregnant girl and a wheelchair user. They didn’t want to let us out, ”one of the passengers complained.

The man said that no one explained to them the reason why the aircraft landed at another airport. “Every 15 minutes we were reassured by the ship’s commander that we would take off and fly to Vnukovo,” the Russian said, adding that only a few hours later the pilot allowed him to leave the liner, announcing that a ladder and a bus had been delivered to the plane.

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According to a representative of the air carrier, the board was redirected to Domodedovo “through the regime at Vnukovo airport.”

Earlier in October, it was reported that airline pilots around the world were losing their flight control skills due to a lack of flight practice caused by the coronavirus pandemic. It is specified that pilots began to make more mistakes in the first months of return to work after a long break caused by the mass cancellation of international flights.


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