The prisoners exchange posted a message that Cruise was angry and rebuked the parents of former Marine team member Reid: vowing to lose the election to him.

Trayfried’s family pleaded for help outside the White House. (Rescue Trevor Reid webpage)

in 2019RussiaDetained and later sentenced to nine years in prison, the former U.S. Marine Trevor Reed will join the U.S. in a prison swap deal in late April. Came backTexassenatorcruise(Ted Cruz) tweeted something close to meritorious, with Reid’s parents publicly accusing Cruz of doing nothing.

Reid, a resident of Granbury, Texas, was sentenced to nine years in prison in 2019 for getting drunk one night at a bar during a trip to Russia.

When Reid’s father, Joy Reid, and mother, Paula Reid, contacted Senator Cruz’s office at the time, the staff told them that Cruz couldn’t help. At the end of April this year, Reid was released and returned to the United States in a prison exchange deal. Cruz immediately tweeted: I am relieved that Reid, who was wrongfully detained in Russia, has been released. He will be reunited with his family soon.

When Reid’s parents expressed their gratitude to government officials for their dedication, the only Texas officials were Senator John Cornyn, Representatives August Pfluger, and Michael McCall. In the list, Cruz is not mentioned at all. Reed’s parents resented Cruise’s post-credits tweets, saying that Cruz did nothing.

Joy Reid also vowed to attack Cruz’s re-election bid: Whatever Cruz’s opponent, we’re going to fight for that opponent to beat Cruz’s re-election bid. Cruz, who didn’t expect such a strong reaction from Ray’s parents, expressed regret for the Red family’s feelings. Reid’s parents urged Americans not to move to Russia, lest they fall into a trap.

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