“The problem is not polarization”: Ramirez Cuevas comes out in defense of AMLO for criticizing megaproject decree

U.S.A."The problem is not polarization": Ramirez Cuevas comes out...

Jesus Ramirez Cuevas Reveals That Those Criticizing AMLO Have Lost Privileges

President‘s Spokesperson, Jesus Ramirez Cuevascame to the rescue of the President Andres Manuel Lopez Obrador ,Amlo) ensuring that Mexico’s problem is not about polarization, which, according to the opposition, constantly mentions that the president has been in charge of promoting it among Mexican society.

According to Ramírez Cuevas, all those who believe that the problem is centered on polarization are those who “they have lost privileges“As a result of actions taken by López Obrador under his command as chief executive.

,Mexico’s problem is not polarization, but inequality and corruption, There is a majority that sympathizes with the changes promoted by the President @lopezobrador_ and a region that sees its privileges affected and is very angry, This is reflected in the media and on social networks”, wrote Ramirez Cuevas through his official Twitter account.

(Photo: Twitter/@JesusRCuevas)
(Photo: Twitter/@JesusRCuevas)

Statements from the spokesman for the Presidency did not stop, as Ramírez Cuevas reported in another publication that, along with the morning conferences that are held daily from the National Palace, The President is accountable to the media, which, according to his message, is taken up by the opposition.

“Things are like: The freedom to criticize the federal government has been so many times, There is an open public debate. The President holds morning conferences to give accounts and The opposition owns most of the newspapers, radio and television stations.”, he sentenced.

(Photo: Twitter/@JesusRCuevas)
(Photo: Twitter/@JesusRCuevas)

attack on the government of lopez obrador and his project for the nation calling itself fourth change ,4T) have remained stable since the beginning of its administration. However, the criticism has grown and became more forceful after the announcement of megaprojects and a new decree declaring actions of public interest and national security. basic infrastructure.

According to what was published in Federation’s official journal ,the dof) on November 22, Rai wants the infrastructure data of the areas of communications, customs, border, hydraulic, water, environment, tourism, health, railways, railways, energy, ports, airports and all those considered strategicWill be preserved, that is, the information of the projects will be kept safe.

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It has been considered an act of corruption by politicians, political analysts and journalists, as there would be more discretion in the management of the budget and hence more ambiguity in the information.

The chief executive denied that the decree would hinder the transparency exercise (Photo: Presidency)
The chief executive denied that the decree would hinder the exercise of transparency (Photo: Presidency)

However, during the morning conference on 23 November, The chief executive denies that the decree would impede the practice of transparency,

“It has nothing to do with transparency. Secretariat, we are all held accountable (…) clarify that this is an agreement and we all have the firm belief to act honestly, zero corruption”, declared the Chief Executive Officer.

The President assured that the proposal is only “to streamline processes”, in this way, he explained, that works Cannot be stopped by bureaucratic procedures.

“Who can give trust to institutions and companies so that the processes they have to do to get the job done are faster and that They are given time to submit all the documents”, he remarked.

On behalf of the Senator, having regard to the actions and statements issued by the President National Action Party (pan), Lily TellyJade, his partner Margaret Zavala, former President Vicente Fox Quesada and political scientist and author Denise Dresser According to his statements, he has not stopped talking about how harmful and worrying this decree is.

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