The prosecutor’s office found 20 thousand US dollars in cash in Bruno Pacheco’s office and said it was his savings

U.S.A.The prosecutor's office found 20 thousand US dollars in...

Bruno Pacheco and Pedro Castillo. Investigation can reach the President

Last Friday, the Anti-Corruption Prosecutor’s Office carried out a process at the Government Palace Peru As part of an investigation into alleged influence by the Secretary to the President Bruno Pacheco, Prosecutors said in a statement that it had initiated preliminary proceedings against Pedro Castillo, the Secretary General of the Palace and close to the President of the Republic. as you remember, Pacheco resigned on Friday, but the president has yet to confirm his departure.,

The investigation sought to determine whether Pacheco had influenced Sunat to obtain profits for certain related companies. He was also associated with requests for irregular promotions in the armed forces, as condemned by former general commanders. The secretary has not been formally charged and has denied any crime.

However, documents complicating Pacheco’s position surfaced this Tuesday. In an act of exhibition of non-private documents in the General Secretariat of the Government Palace, to which the press had access, It can be seen that prosecutors found $20,000 in cash in the bathroom of the officer’s office.

According to the document, when asked about the origin of the money, Pacheco replied that it was the product of his savings and the salary he received, which is equivalent to 25,000 soles. The minutes also stated that Pacheco had voluntarily allowed photocopies of tickets for the relevant checks.

Bruno Pacheco: The Work That Makes Him
Bruno Pacheco: The Work That Makes Him

“Wanna test? Here you have it”

The investigation comes as Avanza Pais’ legislator, Patricia Chirinos, is collecting signatures in an attempt to start a vacancy process against the president.

Hearing the news of the money being found at Pacheco’s office, he tweeted: “Urgent. During an infiltration of the prosecutor’s office in the Government Palace, $20,000 in cash was found for the secretary to President Pedro Castillo. Why is Bruno Pacheco’s preliminary arrest not requested? They wanted proof, here they are. #VacanciaPedroCastillo”.

Patricia Chirinos takes advantage of the tide to boost presidential vacancy
Patricia Chirinos takes advantage of the tide to boost presidential vacancy

Who is Bruno Pacheco?

Bruno Pacheco Castillo, 51-years-old and a native of Lima, was appointed to the position of Secretary General of the President‘s Office on July 29, 2021. As per his oath statement and resume that appears on the government website, he has not made any position public before. Although he applied, unsuccessfully, as councilor of the We Peru party, for the municipality of Rimac, the district in which he lives.

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According to the Registry of Political Organizations (ROP), since 2009, he is a member of the Somos Peru party. However, in September 2020, he tried to be part of the Peru Libre party but could not do so as he retained his affiliation with Somos Peru.

His resume indicates that he has been a high school teacher in the specialty of biology and chemistry. He was part of Educational Management Unit (UGEL) 7 since 1998. He has also been Professor of Physics, Technical Design and Financial Mathematics at the Military School of Corrillos since 2005. Lastly, he has been the head of selection and training. Company Personnel Vigarja SAC

Prior to being Secretary to the Office of the President, Bruno Pacheco Castillo He was part of the government relocation team and was seen several times in the house where Pedro Castillo was staying before he took office. Pacheco Castillo He was part of the transfer team of the Ministry of Education.

Already as Secretary General of the Presidential Office, it was Bruno Pacheco who asked former Culture Minister Ciro Gálvez to move out of the Government Palace when the new ministers were about to take office.

“God Bruno PachecoWhen I watch the preparations for the swearing-in of the ministers, a small room calls me and tells me not to cry, then go alone through the back door., said Ciro Gálvez in October.

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