The publication of Gallardo’s father that touched Doll’s heart on the day River Plate was the champion of the Professional League

U.S.A.The publication of Gallardo's father that touched Doll's heart...

Marcelo Gallardo’s mother passed away seven years ago (Reuters/Juan Mabromata)

Marcelo Gallardo He lived a special day: River Plate defeated Racing and became the champion, the first league title in Argentine football for El Mueco. At the same time, it had been seven years since his mother’s death. So his father maximumposted two emotional posts on his Instagram account, in which he remembered his wife, Ana Maria,

The millionaire coach appears in both images. First, a collage in which DT sees his mother. “For you I’m going for more,” says Post, Below, he wrote a commentary by Gallardo Sr. “And she always supports us, doll!”,

The second publication is a story in the same social network where there is another collage that shows Napoleon Their eyes are fixed on the sky, although this time, three are there, the Gallardo and Marcelo duo, lifting the 1996 Copa Libertadores. “You will always be with me and your children”, put Maximo,

Gallardo assumed as River Plate DT in mid-2014 and in November of the same year, two days after his mother’s death, he had his footballers’ first major joy, which was a victory (1–0) and Boca’s elimination. Was. Goals for the semi-finals of the Copa Sudamericana Leonardo Pisculichi led him to victory in the second leg of the key where the Millionaires were then champions and the kickoff of the Cup era that came with him. Doll Team in charge.

Marcelo was very sensitive to the loss of his mother that day. When River Plate won the final against Atlético Nacional on 10 December, the coach broke down and dedicated the victory to his mother.,

The following year he crossed paths again with Boca Juniors, but already in the quarter-finals of Libertadores where he also left. zenise, in another tournament in which millionaire was anointed. It was the start of a successful path where Gallardo won twelve titles as a strategist and this Thursday he may add another, in this case the first time he has won three Copa Argentinas (2016, 2017 and 2016) at first-class championship level in Argentina. 2019) live. and two Argentine Super Cups (2017 and 2019)

The Gallardo family has strong roots at River Plate, as Marcelo came to the club in 1988, when he was twelve years old, and made his First League debut in 1993 under whom. Daniele Passarella, it was the beginning of his career Doll at the club where he won eight titles as a player.

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In his final return to River Plate, already as a DT, Napoleon He added to his figure in terms of being one of the biggest idols as a result of his achievements, as many of them included victories in one-on-one matches against Boca Juniors. Added to the respect and recognition of his move as a footballer is the love of millionaire fans who expect the coach to remain at the club in 2022.

While Maximo also serves at River Plate and works in the lower divisions, where he is part of a group of talent recruiters, a task he has been doing since 2019. His son considers this work important as he is usually involved in the lower divisions and it is common to see it, for example, in reserve matches when the team is local.

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