The real reason why Maurizio Sarri wants David Ospina in Lazio

U.S.A.The real reason why Maurizio Sarri wants David Ospina...

The real reason why Maurizio Sarri wants David Ospina at Lazio Reuters / Henry Romero

Good season of goalkeeper of Colombia team, David Ospina, has listed his card and inspired other clubs to set their eyes on the 33-year-old. Face these rumours, Naples They have intensified talks to renew Antioqueno’s contract.

This was confirmed by Italian media Sky Sports, which revealed that Napoli president Aurelio De Laurentiis ordered the Colombian not to leave.

,Negotiations for the renovation are underway, with an important proposal coming from President De Laurentiis. Lazio and other European clubs are already in the window, possibly ready to take advantage of it in the event of a season-end divorce.”, he assured.

Roman team led by coach Maurizio Sarri, the Spanish giants are looking for a new goalkeeper ahead of the imminent departure of Pepe Reina. Despite winning the title in the Neapolitan team, following an injury to Alex Meret and spinning four games with a goal in the void, Antioqueno would not be sure of his continuation.

As reported by Calciomercato, Ospina’s favorite is Maurizio SarriEverything indicates that the Italian strategist is in love with the Colombian style of play, but more precisely his game with his feet, fundamental to the idea of ​​his possession and playing from behind.

,Former Napoli coach especially appreciates Ospina’s qualities”, highlighted the Italian media.

Well, the stellar performance means that Napoli’s board of directors has begun to work out what will be his renewal, in order to not only continue to rely on him, but to protect him from potential offers from other teams. This was confirmed by the Italian media a few days ago.

,The contract expiring on June 30 forces us to think, albeit quickly, so that the darkness is not sudden, but not too much, a great competitor offers contractual guarantees, Napoli sent subliminal messages and even direct messages to David Ospina, a great way to start talking about renewal: Sure, there are years, but the body remains intact and the quality is high, one also rich in personality. Leave it without excess, because it is not necessary to shout to be heard ”, published Corriere dello Sport.

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Well, everything looks like the matter is serious and the renewal offer was already official, it was confirmed by another local media, which also revealed what the goalkeeper would earn in terms of renewal.

,Napoli have offered Colombian goalkeeper David Ospina (33) an official renewal, expiring his contract in June 2022. Negotiations: Pay increases of up to 2 million euros per season, plus bonuses and contract extensions until June 2024 with the option of 2025., Explicó Corriere della Sera.

Thus, if a settlement is reached, obviously Ospina will receive an increase in the salary that she currently earns for her services. i.e. he earns 1.4 million euros per season, 600,000 will be increased to leave everything at the fixed figure of two million per year, In addition, you can get bonuses based on the objectives achieved at the end of the campaign.

But if Ospina doesn’t renew, there are already teams that are behind his performance and waiting for his position.

,Napoli ready to start talks to extend David Ospina’s contract. Many clubs (notably Lazo and Juventus) monitor the situation if the Colombian goalkeeper does not reach an agreement., The Neapolitans will offer renewal with the option of another season until 2024,” Italian journalist Niccol Schira said on his Twitter account.

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