The risk of vaccination from COVID-19 was unreliable

TechnologyThe risk of vaccination from COVID-19 was unreliable

Users of social networks and messengers have begun to actively spread the statements of the former vice-president of the European Advisory Group on WHO immunization experts, Professor Christian Peroni, that all vaccinated against coronavirus are allegedly dangerous to others and should be quarantined during the winter months. When checking the information, it was found that the message contains a number of signs that indicate its inaccuracy.

Excerpts from the platform’s statements were widely circulated on Western social networks and were mistakenly presented as a statement by a WHO representative. In particular, this message was actively promoted by the American political organization America‘s Frontline Doctors, known for its disinformation publications about the COVID-19 pandemic. In Russia, the doctor’s statement was reprinted by the online publication “Moscow III Rome”, as well as the portal “Conte”. No serious media referred to the words of the platform.

The French doctor’s statement was first made in an interview with the UK Column website, published on August 13, 2021. In it, the platform made statements that are not supported by scientific research: “It has already been proven in several countries that vaccinated people should be quarantined and isolated from society. Unvaccinated people are not dangerous; vaccinated people are dangerous to others. “

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In substantiating these data, the platform cited the experience of Israeli doctors, who did not name them: “This has been proven now in Israel, where I communicate with many doctors.” He also claimed that there were “problems” in the UK due to a large-scale vaccination program, without citing sources.

There is no information in open sources that speaks of the danger of the vaccinated to others and the need to quarantine the vaccinated. On the contrary, WHO officials regularly state the need to be vaccinated against COVID-19.

In 2009, Peroni himself actually served as vice president of the European Immunization Expert Advisory Group, which advises WHO’s European vaccine policy. In December 2020, he was removed from his position as head of the Department of Infectious and Tropical Diseases at Raymond-Poincaré Hospital in Garsche. The reason was the statement of the platform, “which were considered unworthy of that function.”

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