The Russian billionaire considered it too dangerous to give up gas too quickly

Economy NewsThe Russian billionaire considered it too dangerous to give...

Mykhailo Friedman, co-owner of Alfa Group, considered it a dangerous and irresponsible step to give up too quickly and switch from gas to renewable energy sources. He stated this in an interview with the Financial Times (FT).

The businessman noted that the recent energy crisis is partly due to the underestimation of the oil and gas industry, and a sharp jump in fuel prices in Europe indicates a lack of investment, especially in light of public pressure to decarbonize.

“The transition is a very difficult and very difficult process. At the moment, we have no real alternative to living without gas, “said Friedman, adding that gas will be relevant in the structure of energy consumption for decades to come.

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The billionaire has promised to invest more in alternative energy to reduce the carbon impact of “his oil and gas empire” on the climate.

Earlier it became known that the extraction of gas from underground storage facilities (UGS) in Europe has reached a maximum since the beginning of the heating season, according to Gas Infrastructure Europe (GIE). This happened, in particular, due to the seizures of Gazprom. Storage capacity decreased to 76.43 percent and on November 4 amounted to about 81.75 billion cubic meters of gas.


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