The Russian government has requested IT giants such as Apple, Meta, and Google to open local offices, and has agreed to restrict access to illegal information | Today Nation News

TechnologyThe Russian government has requested IT giants such as...

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This week, the Kremlin called for Apple and other US tech companies to open local offices by the end of 2021 if they continue to do business in the country.

Roskomnadzor, the country’s communications regulator, warns that companies that do not have an official local office may be restricted from advertising, data collection and remittances, or may be banned from doing business.

In July of this year, Russian President Vladimir Putin signed a law requiring “companies operating on the Internet in Russia” to open local offices. And earlier this week, I’d like to reveal a list of companies that Rothcomnasol is targeting for the first time and what exactly should be done to meet Russia‘s requirements.

This list of companies includes Apple, Meta (Facebook), Google, TikTok, Twitter and Telegram. According to Reuters, this measure is due to the Russian government‘s efforts to curb the activities of major US tech companies and foster and strengthen domestic IT companies.

The Russian government has already set out policies such as taxing foreign digital services, tax cuts on domestic IT companies, and requiring pre-installed Russian software on smartphones sold in Russia. Apple has also made a number of concessions, such as incorporating a government-recommended app introduction mechanism when the iPhone is launched for the first time, and responding to requests to remove the opposition leader app.

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Rothcomnasol told Reuters that the target company must agree to “restrict access to information that violates Russian law” in addition to opening offices in Russia. ..

The US 9to5Mac points out that this basically means “censoring information against the Russian government,” putting tech companies in a difficult position.

None of the companies named Rothcomnasol have commented on this matter. If he obediently follows the request, he may support the Russian government‘s censorship and human rights violations (such as the attempted poisoning of anti-government activist Alexei Navalny and the subsequent imprisonment), which may be severely pursued in Europe and the United States. There is also.

I would like to keep an eye on future developments as to what kind of response Apple and Google will take.

(1: Reuters. Via 9to5Mac. …)


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