The Russian tree possessing the “elixir of youth” is named

TechnologyThe Russian tree possessing the "elixir of youth" is...

Russian scientists have found useful properties in Siberian fir that cleanse the human body from cellular “debris” and increase life expectancy, RIA Novosti writes.

Specialists from the research and production company “Initium-Pharm” and the Institute of Molecular Biology named after A. N. Engelhardt of the Russian Academy of Sciences conducted a multi-mix study of the complex effect of terpenes on the cell and found the “elixir of youth.” Terpenes are found in large quantities in conifers and in many essential oils. Terpenes are the main component of resins and balms. According to scientists, conifers with terpenes grow up to four thousand years. The composition of an old tree is no different from a young one.

Thanks to these elements, the autophagy process is triggered – a natural mechanism for utilizing the “waste” of a living cell, experts explained. The body gets rid of damaged molecules, proteins, organelles, viruses, which are processed into nutrients. As noted by experts, in most cells, autophagy is genetically disabled, as if it is in a “dormant mode”, and the impact of the Siberian fir can “turn it on.”

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Experiments have shown that terpenes start the process of “cleansing” the cells in the body within a day. Autophagy in lung cells was noticed even with the use of terpenes in low concentrations. “It is easier for the body to recover from various infectious diseases, including after coronavirus infection and influenza,” said Fania Maganova, head of research projects at Initium-Pharm. She is confident that a group of Russian scientists is on the verge of discovering the “elixir of youth” that will significantly increase life expectancy.

Scientists have previously stated that life span is more influenced by genetic predisposition than external factors such as stress or nutrition.

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