The Russians predicted difficulties in assessing housing

WorldThe Russians predicted difficulties in assessing housing

The Ministry of Justice of Russia has developed a bill that proposes to limit access to the procedure for appealing the cadastral value of real estate to private appraisers. Only state specialists are planned to be empowered to conduct the examination. Realtors predicted difficulties for homeowners in introducing new rules, writes RBC.

The draft of the Ministry of Justice affects several types of expertise, including in criminal cases. There are two proposed changes related to real estate. The agency expects to transfer to state appraisers forensic construction and technical and land management examinations, which are conducted by property owners in case of disagreement with the previously determined cadastral value of objects.

AVG Legal Managing Partner Oleksiy Havryshev believes that the ministry’s initiative will reduce the risks of conducting incorrect examinations and bribing private experts by owners to obtain favorable evaluation results. Russians are increasingly resorting to disputing the cadastral value of real estate to reduce property taxes.

Public Ombudsman for Forensic Science Kirill Kulakov insists that the innovations proposed by the Ministry of Justice violate the rights of owners. “Appealing the cadastral value of real estate and land is a dispute between the taxpayer and the state. And the arbitrator in this dispute is proposed to become exclusively state forensic institutions, which a priori depend on the state, which violates both the principle of independence and the principle of adversarial proceedings, “- said Kulakov.

The expert is also convinced that with the adoption of new rules, the number of disputed results of the state cadastral assessment (TAR) will be greatly reduced, as well as the number of court decisions in favor of property owners. The document of the Ministry of Justice is still at the stage of public discussions and anti-corruption expertise.

Earlier, Muscovites were given a forecast to increase the cost of owning apartments. It is expected that the amount of tax paid by homeowners in 2022 due to the increase in the cadastral value of real estate will increase by about ten percent, said Kulakov.

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