The Russians were warned about the rise in price of five goods before the New Year

Economy NewsThe Russians were warned about the rise in price...

Economist of the Fund for Economic Research “Development Center” NDU HSE Valery Mironov said that by the New Year in Russia will rise in price a number of goods. The cost of the five positions, which the expert described in an interview with URA.RU, will increase the most.

Mironov said that the world market is experiencing a growing trend in food prices. In addition, there is a shortage of goods that use chips: in particular, household appliances and cars, so their prices are rising. This is noticeable in the gadget market: the demand for Apple phones – iPhone – is not completely satisfied in the world, so the company decided to reduce their production and create a shortage, which will also increase the cost of products.

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The economist warned the Russians about rising food prices. In particular, prices for buckwheat, canned food and other products exported in large quantities will increase by the New Year.

“Certain food products are affected by many factors, including indirectly – rising gas prices in Europe and fertilizer production in the world. Accordingly, increasing the incentive to export Russian goods means reducing their number in the domestic market, “Mironov explained.

Earlier it was reported that world food prices rose to a record high and exceeded the figure for 2011. The food price index rose to 133.2 points – 3.9 percent higher than in September.


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