The saleswomen revealed the unpleasant truth about working in a mass market

WorldThe saleswomen revealed the unpleasant truth about working in...

The saleswoman of the popular department store Primark has revealed an unpleasant truth about her professional activity. She shared the relevant facts on her TikTok page.

A resident of London with the nickname kdr1995 regularly publishes videos in which she tells network users about the situations she encounters while working in a mass market. At the moment, all her videos have received more than 15,000 likes.

The heroine of the material admitted that often buyers take things for fitting, and then leave the locker room in new clothes, leaving the old one in the store. According to the employee, some visitors did a similar trick with underwear. Yes, during one of the shifts she found worn panties in the locker room.

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Commentators, in turn, shared their stories about working at Primark. For example, one of them stated that she found a used sanitary pad on the mirror. Another user noted that the customer left a package of feces in the middle of the department store.

In August, blogger Ash shared information about the difficulties of working in second-hand. According to her, the visitor handed over a pair of shoes to the second-hand shop for resale, on the sole of which there were feces. In addition, many buyers bring clothes and shoes of allegedly luxury brands, which is counterfeit.


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