The sneaky return of the ‘yellow vest’ in France

WorldThe sneaky return of the 'yellow vest' in France

  • Unique French opposition movement takes advantage of its third anniversary to re-mobilize

  • Despite skyrocketing petrol and gas prices, performances in France remain in the minority

significant increase in cost fuel, gas and of light, The spectator that the post-pandemic recovery will be weighed down by inflation. The current economic situation recalls the difficulties faced on November 17, 2018 rebellion of yellow vest, Three years later, this asymmetrical protest movement took advantage of its anniversary to condemn the main cause of their outrage: the insufficient purchasing power of the marginalized classes, also known as the Problem in France. dear life (expensive life).

“We are now in the third anniversary of the movement, but the situation in the country has barely changed in recent years”, explains El Periodico Frank Barrenho, 42, a terrorist. yellow vest From the beginning and present at the protests in Paris this Saturday. This employee of a company in the luxury leather goods sector regrets that in recent months “The price of filling a gas tank has gone up from 65 to 90 euros & rdquo;, This has a strong impact on his budget due to frequent trips between “my work in the Paris region and my family’s home in Burgundy in east-central France“.

container fire

“Recently, I received Electricity bill of 1,300 euros, I have never received an invoice with such a high figure before, sorry Nabila, 39-year-old Parisian, who works in the specialized professional press and who has also participated in demonstrations in the French capital, in which some took part Was a few thousand people, “My energy expenditure has practically doubled, but my salary doesn’t increase”, admits Kamel, 51, yellow vest Appeared at the same protest from Marseille and in the capital. This is changed by a fire in the container and wooden boxes by hooded men from the extreme left, apart from launching tear gas Deployed by several riot control units.

value of liter of petrol arrived in october 1,66 euros, a record number in France. Gas volume increased by about 9% in September and 14% in October. Electricity rates will also increase by about 30 euros in their annual average, after increasing by 60% over the past fifteen years. The energy crisis has consolidated affordability In form of main concern According to polls, French K.

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faced this situation, yellow vest He decided to mobilize again. social network in October a . were filled in “Second Season” of their insurgent protests, which marked the winter of 2018 and 2019 and managed to stop the battery neoliberal reforms President‘s Emmanuel Macron,

minority protest

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However, attempts to capture the roundabouts – the unique locations in which this mobilization took place with obstacles – have been timid. NS third anniversary protest are this saturday Minority, How do you explain that yellow vest Is such a friendly reference ruined?

“There is no mechanistic relationship between the exact conditions and the emergence of a social movement. This was already demonstrated by British historian EP Thompson With his study on rebellions and the rise in the price of bread in the eighteenth century, the sociologist explains aldo ruberte, a professor at the University of Lausanne and who prepares his doctoral thesis yellow vest, After marking French politics between November 2018 and May 2019, yellow vest They lost influence and tried to ally themselves with other movements, such as protests against pension reform in late 2019 or with more recent demonstrations against health passport, Although it has been estimated that some 50 rounds they have been constantly busy Over the past three years, the lack of structure has made it difficult for the movement to move with the same intensity over time. Robert also quotes health crisis and “hard” police repression Victims & rdquo; as two reasons for the low mobilization. In addition, his public image was weighed down after violent incidents at the protest, which initially caused sympathy among most French people. Historically, in France, mobilization has been few in number in the period leading up to presidential elections. “Many people say there’s no point in performing now and it’s better wait for election To take out the current leaders”, defends Barrenho.

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