The story of Maria Fernanda Cabal and her departure from the Uribe Congressmen’s WhatsApp group

U.S.A.The story of Maria Fernanda Cabal and her departure...

Maria Fernanda Cabal during one of the Democratic Center presidential candidates debates.

Talking about the same in different media Divisions within the Democratic Center After the party released the results of the elections, they applied to the militants to define who would be Uribismo’s official candidate in the 2022 presidential elections.

The winners, surprisingly to many, were former ministers. Oscar Ivan Zuluaga, who repeats the candidacy, and would have been a second-place senator Maria Fernanda Cabal, To whom after the announcement was made on 22 November, many Uribista pulled the force from social networks, and even expressed their displeasure.

In the internal consultation of the party, Zuluaga’s election did not generate much controversy and in fact on the same day Senator Cabal was calm and said that he accepted the results and supported the former minister in the ensuing campaign.

However, on November 24 on the social network Several congressmen from the Democratic Center published a photo on social networks In which he states that he had a meeting with Zuluaga as a celebration of his candidacy. The meeting was recorded in the early morning hours at La Opera Hotel in Bogotá and the great absence was precisely Maria Fernanda Cabal.

“Working for Colombia. Meeting of the Congressional Bench of the Democratic Center with Oscar Ivan Zuluaga, the party’s only candidate for the presidency of the republic “Senator María del Rosario Guerra wrote in a trill.

Several Uribistas, noting the absence at the Cabal meeting, also claimed via social networks. “And why didn’t they invite Maria Fernanda Cabal? Too bad the message they’re sending”wrote a tweeter.

Semana asked the senator about the meeting and why he did not go. He simply replied: “He didn’t invite me” and said that as Internet users found out about the meeting through social networks, This further added to the annoyance of his followers, who also commented on the senator to resign from the party.

Explanation of Gabriel Vallejo and the departure of the WhatsApp group

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The Congressional Bench of the Democratic Center has a WhatsApp group where they explain the various initiatives that lead to the legislature but apparently also use it to call meetings. precisely It was because of this group that the meeting with Zuluaga was called. The problem with the LA Opera Hotel is that Senator Cabal left a few days ago.

In an interview with Semana, the Chamber’s representative, Gabriel Vallejo, said that this was the reason why Politico did not know about the meeting.

“Yesterday at breakfast, to which Dr. Maria Fernanda Cabal says she was not invited, is fact and fact, she was called by the Congressional Bench of the Democratic Center. It is scheduled for Tuesday morning and the invitation is on the chat of a group of congressmen In which we have both Senators and Representatives. Dr. Maria Fernanda Cabal, unfortunately, about 15 days ago, left the group and we didn’t actually add her to the chat group on the bench“, she claimed.

reason? According to Vallejo himself, the senator withdrew from the group as he discussed with Representative Edward Rodriguez, “She decides to leave and we haven’t added her again. That’s why the invitation was not extended.”, he maintained in that medium.

The senator did not mention the issue, but in the last hours he started a trill that once again questioned the stability of the Uribe party when it asked for the results of the elections, making Zuluga the winner. ,

“Everything should be made public with respect to the voters: 1) Sample 2) Collected data, including 3000 rejected surveys. This, to date, has not been assigned to audit or inspection”. Kabal wrote. Although the party has already responded that it can process access to that information as a pre-candidate, the Democratic Center will not make it public.

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