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The suspect who was robbed late at night at Zeeshan police station was arrested on the spot by the police officer on duty.

san franciscoThe police department reported on the 6th that at about 3:20 on the 1st, a man broke into the Northern District Police Department of the San Francisco Police Department. When the police officer on duty realized that the man was trying to steal some “police station property”. After a short struggle, the police controlled him and arrested him.

Only a few details were revealed in the police department’s announcement. The daring thief was Samson Vassili-Hadjitofi, 35, who resisted before being arrested.

The police station is located at 1125 Fillmore Street. Most of the units in the community are affordable housing for minorities andLow incomeCrime cases are high mainly among the residents. Recently, the Safeway supermarket located near the police station decided to close the store due to its inability to deal with criminal activities like robbery and theft.

The police department has not released details of the criminal’s motive and crime, such as how the criminal entered the police station and whether he wanted to steal notebooks, weapons, batons or documents, and refused to disclose them to reporters.

According to an announcement issued by the city government on the 6th, financial theft crimes are declining in San Francisco, especially theft breaking car windows has declined significantly.As of the 3rd of this month, this year the city A total of 5,557 thefts were recorded, compared to 6,108 in the same period last year, but it still exceededpandemicStarting from previous level of 5084.

The case is still under investigation, the thief’s name has not yet been revealed to the prison system, and the public defender’s office declined to comment.

san francisco


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