The Texas Supreme Court has allowed a hearing on parental abuse of transgender children

The Court of Appeal is now considering the arguments of state officials and plaintiffs regarding Judge Micham’s decision. The trial, scheduled for July, is now pending.

Plaintiff’s attorneys were encouraged by all aspects of the judgment. “The court rejected the state’s argument that it should withdraw from the case altogether,” said Karen Lowe, Lambda’s senior lawyer representing the plaintiffs and the ACLU.

The court made it clear that the defense services could resume a statewide investigation, with “any such investigation” causing “irreparable harm” to its client and “before the governor intervenes.” It is better to use your discretion. “

It is not clear whether this decision will lead to an immediate resumption of the trial. Abbott’s spokesman did not immediately respond to a request for comment.

But even during the statewide ban, the governor’s order and subsequent investigations had a significant impact on families and medical providers. Large hospitals in Texas have stopped providing hormone therapy as part of care for transgender youth in response to a governor’s order. Parents of transgender children are being harassed across the state, with some taking steps to leave the state.

The Texas policy marks the culmination of a widespread push by conservative groups to limit medical care for transgender youth, known as gender-certification care, which has gained widespread acceptance among medical groups and physicians in recent years. Approved.

Mr Abbott’s order came just months after the Texas Legislature’s bill failed last year to limit transgender health care. Under the current Texas law, some medical procedures can be considered child abuse, Mr. said in February. Paxton’s non-binding opinion followed.

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