The third dose against Kovid-19 will help avoid the expiration of vaccines

U.S.A.The third dose against Kovid-19 will help avoid the...

The booster was also recommended for people who had received Pfizer and Moderna’s vaccines at least six months before. file photo. EFE / Ernesto Guzman Jr.

According to the latest vaccination report from the Ministry of Health, Colombia, 23,968,195 Complete Immunization Program Against Covid-19. A figure, which is encouraging, is not enough to achieve the herd immunity promised by the national government by the end of the year.

Statistics show that vaccination is slow, something that could affect not only the health of Colombians, but the millionaire investments that have been made to buy vaccine vials from various pharmaceutical companies that offer vaccines against COVID-19. Huh.

And that is, according to information known by Blue Radio, There is a serious problem for the Ministry of Health and it is the termination of more than five lakh vaccines against the corona virus., as it will stop serving by December this year.

According to the investigation, there are deposits in places like Boyacá and Cundinamarca. 100,000 AstraZeneca and Moderna vaccines, which must be applied before their expiration date on December 4.

For this reason, the Ministry of Health has issued an alert to the health institutions of the states so that the doses which are going to expire in the remainder of 2021, can be implemented.

On 25 November, the Deputy Minister of Health, Luis Alexander Moscoso, gave data on expiring doses: AstraZeneca had 335,207 doses that expired on 23 November, 446,943 that expired on 30 November and 335,207 that were due for 5 December. . As for Moderna’s dosages, 645,944 were due on 23 November, 861,258 on 30 November and 645,944 on 5 December.

To prevent biological wasting, the national government announced that booster vaccines could be applied not only to people over the age of 50, but also to medical personnel to save the remaining Moderna and AstraZeneca vials. can go. President Ivan Duque himself explained the measure and said it would be done gradually.

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“We’re going to start gradually implementing a booster dose for people who are between 18 and 49 years old to help us protect lives and move forward in immunizations and those who represent an increase in infections.” Be able to face any adversity.”

Last Tuesday, November 23, Colombia’s Ministry of Health approved a third dose of vaccine against Covid-19 for a population aged 18 to 49 in the national territory, with the aim of strengthening the vaccination of the elderly in the country.

This was confirmed by Health Minister Fernando Ruiz, who said thatThe booster dose will be used through phases of the National Immunization Plan starting last Wednesday, November 24., which were approved by the Vaccine Advisory Committee.

This decision, taken by the Ministry of Health, in relation to the available scientific evidence, considers whether people of legal age who have completed their vaccination program are eligible to receive a booster dose, after meeting the established time, Can contact IPS and vaccination points.

“This reinforcement complements the decisions already taken to strengthen the population over the age of 50. The application will be made six months after the second dose or single dose for every citizen of the country, and progressively to the extent that The various phases of the National Immunization Plan have been completed”, said Portfolio Head Fernando Ruiz.

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