The time an American player tried to kill an ESPN reporter

U.S.A.The time an American player tried to kill an...

Darwin Quintero Dazzled by his immense dribbling skills and scoring qualities since his arrival in Mexican football Santos Laguna, His level prompted him to confirm his transfer America As one of the “bomb reinforcements”, however, its passage through the Eagles did not meet the expected success and He was best remembered for any controversy outside the court.

One of the most memorable events happened at the beginning of the year 2018 The team’s training facilities are located in the Copa, south of Mexico City. To prepare the azulcrema at the end of a work, Quinto tried to kill the reporter ESPN Marcelino Fernandez Del Castillo, which was recording a live link to one of the media’s events.

Later in the video that went viral on various media and social networks, it can be seen that Colombian bowled the ball intentionally Towards the place where the reporter and his cameraman were.

Darwin Quintero received many criticisms for his actions against an ESPN reporter (Photo: Twitter @iValdook)

The images immediately sparked outrage among prominent media personalities, who He condemned the attitude of the former Azulcrema player. player in later days Frequent questioning and criticism, Especially because this action came at a time when his prominence with the Eagles was waning.

South American work It didn’t have great internal consequences in the American institution, Despite repeated requests by the media to get exemplary punishment with a view to avoid similar situations in future.

A few days after the event, with its magnitude and scope in the national environment, Marcelino Fernandez announced that he would not take legal action against the player. “I don’t expect any apology because I think it rests in the conscience of each one, if Darwin and America believe that they have to apologize from the heart, then go ahead, accept it and nothing happens, onwards.” What will happen,” he said. to program Game race.

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Although the action was not overblown, the reporter made it clear that at the time he took the situation as a joke, it should be pointed out that the end of these actions could have been worse: “I’ve tried to take it with humorBut seeing the images could have dire consequences if he hit me on the back of the neck, for example”.

Darwin Quintero and Marcelino Fernandez
The Colombian tries to hit the reporter with the ball during a training session with America (Photos: Twitter @iValdook // Capture ESPN)

“(Darwin) doesn’t measure the consequences caused by this type of ball. If I was in front I wouldn’t have a problem, I’d take it off my hands and back too. the fact that it could be construed as an attempted aggression”commented by colleague ESPN.

Quintero arrived in Club America in January 2015 But he never managed to establish himself as a regular starter and he fell short of showing the same level that made him shine with Santos. In three years he registered with Azulcremas 26 goals and 30 assists after 45 games played in all competitions.

His departure since early 2018 Eagles moving towards him Minnesota United of MLS. It was later transferred to Houston Dynamo From the same league as the team he currently plays in. Last season, he added 1011 minutes to the total with the productivity of three touchdowns and two goal passes.

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