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The LA Auto Show is the first indoor car show to return under the pandemic of the new coronavirus (COVID-19). Despite the lack of news and more vaporware than usual, some cars, technologies and businesses were still prominent on the two-day press day prior to the event.

Below are some of the cars and themes that caught the eye of TechCrunch in Los Angeles in 2021, for better or for worse.

A story that turns into green and clean

Image Credit: Kirsten Korosec

Sustainability and climate change were central themes at a few major news conferences on November 17th, noon. It was a mixture of hypocritical environmental considerations and actual behavior of the company.

Hyundai and Kia showed off an all-electric concept car and a plug-in hybrid car after playing a short video that emphasized how important environmental awareness is. Fisker talked about marine conservation. Subaru, which has been working on greening for many years and has invested a large amount of money in supporting all activities from national parks to animal protection, also emphasized that it will continue to support environmental protection.

This has not been uncommon in the past, but the entire automotive industry has been reluctant to reduce carbon dioxide emissions, revolutionizing sustainable production and sourcing, recycling and reusing parts and vehicles that have reached the end of their useful lives. It should be noted that we are exploring ways to do this. Fear warnings that humanity’s impact on climate change can only be reduced for another decade were mentioned at several press conferences at the show.

Hollywood mode

Image Credit: Kirsten Korosec

One of the most notable announcements in 2021 is the upcoming mass-produced version of Fisker Ocean. The 17.1-inch giant screen of the all-electric SUV can rotate 180 degrees from the horizontal landscape mode, which the company calls “Hollywood mode,” to the vertical portrait mode.

In landscape mode, Ocean can play games and watch videos while parked or charging. Fisker said it has a patent on this screen rotation technology.

Image Credit: Kirsten Korosec

Electrification, electrification, electrification

Image Credit: Kirsten Korosec

The overall theme of the 2021 LA Auto Show is (not surprisingly) the electrification of everything. Although many ICE (internal combustion engine) -powered vehicles were seen in the exhibition hall, a number of big news came to the world of battery power.

From Nissan’s all-electric SUV, Ariya, Toyota bz4x and twin car Subaru Solterra, TechCrunch’s favorite all-electric Porsche Sport Turismo sedan’s latest There is no end to the topic of models and wagons with a magic roof.

Technology that protects you from health hazards

Image Credit: Kirsten Korosec

As the current pandemic enters its third year, automakers are beginning to think about ways to protect their users from illness. The SUV concept car SEVEN, which Hyundai unveiled at the LA Auto Show, offers features such as vertical air circulation, antibacterial copper, and UV sterilizer.

Electrified rest mod is coming

Image Credit: Kirsten Korosec

One of the trends that was noticeable at the 2021 LA Auto Show was the Restmod (Registration & Modification) model with an electric powertrain on several old cars. It may not give you the intuitive experience of an internal combustion engine, but it does offer a new way to enjoy classic cars.

The C300, exhibited by car-making startup Cobera, looks a lot like the nostalgic Shelby Cobra. However, the bonnet contains an all-electric powertrain that the company says will accelerate the C300 from 0 to 62 mph (0 to about 99.8 km) in 2.7 seconds instead of the V8 engine. The Cobera C300 was designed and manufactured by Composite-Projects, a company specializing in the manufacture of passenger cars and campers in Hungary. When you switch on the vehicle, you’ll hear a synthesized sound that sounds a bit like the old V8.

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Electra Meccanica is a company that also announced the three-wheeled vehicle Solo (details below) at the LA Auto Show, but it also unveiled another electric vehicle, the eRoadster, similar to the Porsche 356 Speedster. bottom. Equipped with air conditioning, power windows & locks, and the latest infotainment system.

Image Credit: Kirsten Korosec

It’s not just the relatively unknown and small manufacturers that have unveiled rest mods with new powertrains. Ford brought in the electrified F-100 that appeared at the SEMA show in early November. The 1978 F-100 Ford Eluminator is a rest mod feature with Ford’s electric motor, the E-crate, which users can purchase and install in their vehicles.

The F-100 is equipped with one motor for each front and rear wheel, and boasts a maximum output of 480 horsepower and a maximum torque of 634 lb-ft (860 Nm). The room has a new infotainment system screen and a digital dashboard.

Image Credit: Kirsten Korosec


Image Credit: Kirsten Korosec

Every year, at least a few three-wheeled vehicles appear at the venue, but 2021 was more than usual. The electric and solar-powered tuk-tuk brought by Biliti Electric can be used by Amazon and Walmart to deliver the last mile in densely populated cities around the world, the company says.

The company’s GMW Taskman, which has already been used in various parts of Europe and Asia, has delivered 12 million pieces of luggage and has run a total of 20 million miles (32 million km), Funder said.

Image Credit: Kirsten Korosec

Another Electra Meccanica, Solo, was sharyou that the company also unveiled at this 2016 show.

So, I was offering a test ride on Press Day. According to the company, Solo can travel up to 100 miles on a single charge, with a maximum output of 82 horsepower, a maximum torque of 140 lb-ft (about 190 N-m), and a top speed of 80 mph (about 128 km / h). .. It has a luggage space for one person and is designed for short-distance travel and commuting in metropolitan areas. Solo costs $ 18,500 and is manufactured in Mesa, Arizona.

The Sondors three-wheeled electric vehicle has a three-seater capacity of about 100 miles (about 160 km), the company says. The car was developed after successful crowdfunding with over $ 1 million in money, with a 33kW battery pack, maximum output of 170 horsepower and maximum torque of 323 lb-. Demonstrate ft (about 438N-m).

Imperium also unveiled Sagitta, a three-wheeled electric vehicle. It is the largest of the three-wheeled passenger cars that appeared in the show, and has a space that can accommodate up to four people. Sagitta hasn’t announced vehicle specs, but the company said it will begin booking in mid-2022.


Image Credit: Abigail Bassett

This year’s LA Auto has even appeared in Barbie. Mattel has released a full-scale version of the Barbie Exra car. The fiberglass body on the 2021 Fiat 500 chassis is adorned with glittering white paint, with wing doors and a pet pool at the rear.

Solar power

Image Credit: Kirsten Korosec

The 2021 show had several cars with interesting solar charging options. Phoenix Motor Inc., a Chinese energy company participating in SPI, announced that the EF1-T’s storable solar pickup becker, a pickup truck, has a mileage of up to 25 to 35 miles (about 40 to 56 km). The company says it can add. The company said the EF1-T and the van version of the EF1-V are both huge vehicles, apparently still prototypes, and are listening to customers for features and usage.

The EF1-T, which looks like a big insect, can run 380 to 450 miles (about 612 to 724 km) on a single charge, and is accepting reservations for its launch in 2025. It’s a long story.

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